Label Style team take a look at the main trends for men this spring/summer 2013 season and the items that should be on your shopping lists. 

April has begun and the sunshine is starting to show its face, which must mean summer is on its way! While it may not be warm enough for shorts and flip flops yet (although the brave/stupid among you may start sporting them around campus) we can start to pack away the wooly jumpers and wellies we needed in the snow and start to refresh our wardrobes for the season ahead. 

Obviously as students we haven’t got the funds to purchase the entire Topman collection, as much as we would like to, so the Style Team are providing you with a simple guide to the main trends of the season and the staple items that should be on your shopping lists.

Denim Denim Denim

It’s not just jeans; denim is everywhere this season with jackets, waistcoats and shirts, even trainers. We’re not saying to put these on all at once, however double denim has made a return so a jacket or denim-style shirt with jeans can be easily pulled off. Now is the time though to be experimental, there are many different styles of jacket and jean ranging from oversized to super-skinny. There is also numerous denim styles with dark, stonewash, bleached and tie-dye all appearing on the high street. So be adventurous and try something new!

Tribal Prints

Aztec inspired prints have been around for a while now but this season they are going wild appearing on everything from your tops to trainers. New Look has a great collection of polo shirts, tees, shorts and plimsolls, with colours to brighten up your day even when the sunshine doesn’t appear. Pair one of these tribal items with something plain to keep the focus on the pattern. 


Taking inspiration from American jocks, this trend oozes cool so we’re not talking about the scruffs or lycra you may wear to the gym or training sessions. Instead, varsity jackets, high tops and oversized printed sweatshirts are all on the list to get this look. Stripes are a big feature along with appliqued numbers and letters. It’s time to channel the corny American footballers and baseball players that you’ve seen in the films, even if you aren’t a sporty type!

Comic Book Chic

Graphic slogans, crazy prints and bright colours are bringing fun in to fashion this spring/summer season. The Style Team are big fans of the pretty cool tees Topman has to offer for this trend, featuring one-eyed Mike from Monsters Inc. and another with Felix the Cat. Having an item from this trend in your wardrobe means you can bring a smile to yours and others faces during the inevitably miserable, rainy British summer!

Top Five Items for SS13

  1. Denim shirt.
  2. Tribal inspired shorts.
  3. Varsity sweatshirt.
  4. Comic book tee.
  5. Sunglasses (a summertime essential!).

Although it is not advisable to wear all these trends at once, you can mix and match a couple together at a time to produce a number of different outfits for the summer months. Most of all fashion is about having fun and trying something different, as long as you feel confident in what you’re wearing you’ll look it too!


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