On May 10th, 2013, Label will be releasing a special issue celebrating fifteen years of the publication, starting its build up with a fifteen-day online countdown to the release of the issue.

The magazine is set to be printed on special paper, with articles highlighting the development of Loughborough Students Union and the university itself, and revealing some exclusive insights into future developments. Our editorial team has been hard at work planning articles and preparing features to be included, with the design team currently working on some outstanding visuals.

The issue is set to be one of the best and is a celebration of not just Label, but Loughborough as a whole, guaranteed to teach anyone reading it something they didn’t already know about the bubble. So look out for all our special content, coming to you online each day in our countdown to this one off event.

Make sure you keep up to date with our fifteen-day countdown on Label Online by liking our Label Online Facebook page or join in with our hashtag #Label15


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