LSU Tuxedo Swing yet again lit up the Room 1 stage last month with their annual showcase: Union Jazz 2013. With jazz classics and some alternative pieces to boot, it was an amazing night demonstrating the talent Loughborough has to offer beneath the sporting facade.

The first set was a gentle and relaxing transition into what was to come in the following sets. Compare for the evening David Williams returned with his usual humour and showmanship, introducing the vocalists and featured performers throughout the evening. For those in Room 1 who had not witnessed live jazz before it was the ideal introduction from well-known hits such as Beyond the Sea and Feeling Good, as well as some incredible instrumental numbers through the years. The likes of American Patrol and Spain come to mind, mentioned by many as one of the best performances of the piece they’d heard in years! 

In contrast to the opener, set two gradually built up the tempo throughout. Vocalist Lucy Carne kicked off the set with a beautiful rendition of Etta James’ At Last, followed by the swing classic In The Mood, L-O-V-E and Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. The 225-strong crowd in Room 1 was slowly edging towards the dance floor as the second instalment of jazz finished with the complex showpiece, Jazz Police, made famous by Gordon Goodwin.

The third and final set was an absolute blinder! The entire band, vocalists and even the crowd were on top form, filling the dance floor for the duration of the set. An explosive start began with bassist Oli Woodings featuring in The Chicken, before the vocal numbers got underway. To us, the turning point came at George ‘Buzz’ Mostyn’s performance of Mack the Knife, as compare Williams got the crowd up on their feet instantaneously, followed by enthusiastic audience participation in Minnie the Moocher.

Absolute classics filled the third set, including Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, The Lady is a Tramp and Big Spender. In a slight twist from Tux Chair Sam Siddorn, the Ike and Tina Turner classic Proud Mary was one of many highlights from the show, featuring vocalist Caroline Budden and Buzz on guitar, and the audience piled on to dance in front of Room 1 stage.

The show was concluded in fine style with the jazz classic, Theme from New York, New York. Appropriate for the occasion, as for ten of this year’s band this would be their final Union Jazz with Tuxedo Swing. Talking to former secretary and Social Secretary of the band George ‘Buzz’ Mostyn after the show: “By far the best yet, and fitting for probably the best band we’ve had in the past three years. It truly is an incredible experience and I will miss it so much come graduation. Definitely a date for any Loughborough student’s diary in the future!”

An incredible performance and an absolute staple for any music-loving Loughborough student. So keep your eyes peeled next March for the 2014 instalment of LSU Tuxedo Swing’s Union Jazz!


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