Every year the elections candidates try to invent imaginative and memorable campaigns in a bid to stand out above their opponents, some with more success than others.

Think back over the current Exec's efforts last year, for example, and see how many of their witty nicknames and slogans you can remember. Perhaps the most successful and enduring campaigns are those which employ clever word play, alliteration and puns using the candidates’ convenient surnames, such as Lewis 'Pimms' Timms and Georgie Colourful' Court.

This year has seen some great campaigns with several of them (shock horror) actually linking to the position being contested. Zak Sparrow, for example, was a perfect choice of name for the VP Finance and Commercial Services candidate with his pirating theme allowing for the clever and very apt catchphrase, “making your treasure go further." Josh 'Do It' Hurrell was, again, a campaign with all the right connotations utilizing Nike's reputation for power, domination and innovation – key qualities for a Union President.

Other campaigns were just down right fun and were seemingly chosen for their capacity for a distinctive, humorous costume, and this can also be an equally successful technique. At Label, though, we feel that some candidates may have missed a trick when choosing their campaigns. Here are just some of the alternative ideas we have come up with for our Exec candidates.

Hannah 'Walkers' Chrisp

This may seem an obvious choice for the VP Democracy and Communications elect and some would admire her for steering clear. Whilst her 'Power 2 U' campaign did link more to the job role, 'Walkers' would have perhaps been a more identifiable brand to potential voters. And after all, who doesn’t love a cheeky packet of prawn cocktail? If it's good enough for Lineker, it's good enough for us!

Mike 'Marmite' Lyness

The Rag Chair candidate has issued some controversial statements throughout his campaign which may have divided opinion come voting time and people either loved him, or hated him.

Jennie 'Mini' Cooper

Jennie's campaign was another great choice, but using the British icon that is the Mini Cooper and their reputation for sporty, slick cars could have been a way to go. She also surely would have been well within her right to demand a chauffeur driven mini (from an unwitting friend) for the duration of her campaign, right? A great way to cover a lot of ground fast.

Becky 'LOUDER'- Fletcher

Playing on Lauder-Fletcher's surname, this campaign would have been a great link to the VP Education contender's position. Potential slogans could have included 'making students' voices heard' and this is becoming increasingly important as university fees are on the rise. It may sound a tad more boring than some of the other offerings, but I'm imagining vuvzelas, megaphones and every means possible to make as much noise as possible – something the drama graduate should be good at and would certainly enjoy. Then again, she got to hop around campus in a rabbit costume!

Helen 'Mirren' Crossley

Initially, it seemed that there was a limited choice in how to approach adapting the Media candidate's name in a fitting way. But then it came to me! Helen 'Mirren' Crossley certainly has a ring to it and would have allowed the candidate the opportunity to dress as the Queen for ten days (and after an eventful 2012 for Her Madge, who wouldn't want that?). Other famous Helens such as Helena Bonham Carter and I'm a Celebrity Star Helen Flanagan could also have made the cut. Okay, so Helen Flanagan is only known to Corrie fans throughout the land, but bushtucker trials would have been an interesting campaign idea, reminiscent of competing for a position on a hall committee.

Tim 'Henman' Jenkins

While we are on the subject of celebrity campaigns, AU President candidate Jenkins missed a trick by not impersonating his famous namesake. Tim Henman was an incredible asset to British tennis (until that grumpy Scot came along). Yes he never really won anything, but the lovable player looks good in that commentary box all the same. Henman Hill, anyone?

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