With Valentines Day over, couple mushiness has slowly started to decline. One couple loved up the year round however, is the dinner and show duo. An unbeatable combination since the Romans enjoyed a Greek salad before going to the Coliseum to watch the latest gladiator showing or bull fight. My facts might be a tad off here, but if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that the new Croma restaurant at the Odeon complex is the perfect option. 

I went with two friends and had a great time, each ordering different dishes to try as many as we could. I’d recommend starting off with the Mediterranean Charcuterie to share if you like a variety of cold meats (horse not included). My pizza of choice would be the Anatra to any of you adventurous enough to try duck and the other more unorthodox pizza ingredients. Although there aren’t many pasta variations, there are three different lasagnas to tickle your taste buds and a selection of full sized salads. 

The sweetest things in life merit their own paragraph, and Croma’s hot sticky toffee pudding definitely deserves its own page in Label. Usually not a fan of toffee, I am so glad I had a taste of this pudding. Cooked enough to warm you through and just the right degree of sweetness, this choice will melt away any problems you might be dealing with. If there’s one thing I could complain about it would be that as we arrived for a late dinner, almost all of the desert options had been sold out! Despite the clear popularity of the lovely looking cheesecake and chocolate fudge option, our spirits were revived once we tasted that divine toffee pudding.

The staff were wonderful, and we were welcomed with friendly smiles from the waiters as well as the cooks who you watch expertly throwing pizza dough in the air as you wait for your orders to arrive. If that’s not enough of a show for you, why not hit the cinema and watch one of the Oscar winning films showing at the Odeon too?

Croma can be found in the Odeon, Loughborough, and for the full menu click right here http://www.cromapizza.co.uk/locations.php?id=6


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