VP Finance and Commercial Services candidate Chris ‘Beefcake’ McKenna has received a third ban of 24-hours after yet again campaigning during a previous ban. Label News Editor Vignette O’Bryan investigates the link between McKenna and our very own #RememberRON campaign

With Chris McKenna, who requested to be named as ‘Vegetable’ on the voting forms, currently serving his third full-day ban, which is due to finish tonight at 8pm, its no wonder he has has been the talk of many over this Executive Elections campaigning period. His clear disregard for many of the rules and regulations highlight the bogus nature of his campaign, and for those of you who tuned into The Bubble Debate will have surely realised that his plans for the role of VP Finance and Commercial Services are likewise ludicrous.

Fortunately, McKenna isn’t running uncontested and it is highly probable that Zak Evans is to be the future VP Finance and Commercial Services on the Union Executive, or ‘Community Services’ as McKenna so eloquently branded the position.  However, if this were not the case, would we be seeing someone like McKenna taking to the on the role for 2013-14?

The possibility to ‘re-open nominations’ or ‘no vote’ a candidate, affectionately known as RON, is always an option and I personally believe that in a situation such as the one we are facing in these 2013 elections, it is a truly appropriate choice.  It stops people, like McKenna, from ‘screwing over’ the system.  Although some would say that McKenna has made a mockery of the system to an extent, I am certain that those voting will be intelligent enough to realise that McKenna is not the right person for the job.

Despite the negative stigma of his reasons for contesting these elections, many comments received on Label Online have praised McKenna for being brave by “mocking the seriousness of the elections” and that it may “improve the system” in years time. One reader even stated that he is almost representing a RON character for the position.

But what do you think of McKenna’s campaign and why you think he has run? Comment below, or find us on Twitter @labelonline


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