So, voting is well underway and Label Online is here to catch you up on all the goings-on around Campus over the weekend in our second progress report: From music to flash mobs, and another campaign ban too! And don’t forget to explore the links within the article, as well as our gallery below.

Ahead of the one and only FND during campaign week last Friday, public demonstrations and videos were the features of the busiest day of campaigning thus far; kicking off with Hannah “Power 2 U” Chrisp’s ‘Power Shake’ hitting social media in the morning, followed up by Dave “Pringle” Tingle’s Welfare and Diversity song, filmed on the grounds of Harry French hall, altering the lyrics of 'Price Tag' and SmasMouth's 'All Star'.

The first demos of the day started soon after midday, with Welfare candidate Izzy ‘Rascal’ Ford’s ‘Rascal Run’ from the Purple Onion to Rigg-Rut Fountain, followed by many of her campaign team. Uncontested for VP Education, Becky ‘Bunny’ Lauder-Fletcher had been relatively quiet since The Bubble Debate, but her campus ‘bunny hop’, starting from Royce car park, got the spotlight back on her campaign efforts. AU Presidential candidate Jennie 'Call On Me' Cooper used her links to AU Dance to put on a ‘Call On Me’ dance feature in EHB later in the afternoon.

However, two events drew many candidates together on campus on Friday:

Action Chair contender Michael ‘Action Air’ Jordan pulled off the biggest Harlem Shake thus far, involving many other candidates in James France. This was followed by many candidates heading to the Union Lawn to watch Fever Society kicking off their incredible 24-hour flame skills show for charity. This included Sarah ‘Heart’ Haar, ‘SuperMaz’ Haider, Hannah Chrisp, David ‘Blaine’ Haines, Paul ‘Ragnam Style’ Nanson, Zak ‘Sparrow’ Evans, Josh ‘Do It’ Hurrell and Georgia ‘Ginger Spice’ Cheyne.

The preparation for the solo FND during this year’s Exec Elections then got underway, with every candidate absolutely crammed the entrances with boards and photographers aplenty. Tim ‘Ginger Jenks’ Jenkins, running for AU President against Jennie Cooper, used his alternative ginger moustaches down to the Union, whilst Rag Chair candidate Mike ‘Linebacker’ Lyness used some game-action American football boards for photo opportunities at FND.

After the madness of FND, Saturday was a far quieter affair, with many teams struggling after a late night campaigning, perhaps choosing to take an alternative form of campaigning; watching the Six Nations rugby, or even catching one of many BUCS fixtures starting throughout the day. For Georgia Cheyne, Saturday saw the SocFed President candidate continue in visiting as many societies as possible over the weekend. And for those still aiming to get around every hall, William Morris seemed the place to be, as was Towers for those ready to brave the 42 flights of stairs!

During her round of door knocking Towers, ‘Hands On’ Helen Crossley ran into former Welfare Development Officer and two-time elections candidate Jack ‘Tintin’ Heskett, who asked how she was aiming to increase the involvement and feeling of value for hall media volunteers, to which Helen replied: “I aim to introduce better projects and training for volunteers, to make their work more rewarding in the long-term.”

However, the seemingly never-present Chris 'Beefcake' McKenna made the headlines by receiving a second full-day ban, after being found campaigning during his previous ban for pre-campaigning. Label reported on the breaking news of McKenna’s ban last Saturday.

Sunday, the final day of week one, was yet another quiet affair, with Sunday winding up the week as the countdown to the voting days began at the back of our candidates’ minds. Many candidates were attempted to tick the final few halls off their to-do lists, with the likes of Zak ‘Sparrow’ Evans even attempting to reach the Holt by the end of the day.

Izzy ‘Rascal’ released her much-anticipated ‘Rascal Rap’, altering the lyrics to the Dizzee Rascal hit ‘Bonkers’, onto Facebook. Michael ‘Action Air’ Jordan even used his luck to the max, running into Team GB sprinter Dwain Chambers and filming a quote for his campaign! 

It was a big day for Dave ‘Pringle’ Tingle, who drew the winners of his raffle prize draw; yet another alternative campaign idea on a budget, with winners receiving prizes ranging from sweets to cans of Pringles, to small cash prizes. Sarah ‘Heart’ Haar has also continued with this campaign strategy, with her ‘find a heart’ around campus competition still on going to win some boxes of chocolate!

And now it has finally arrived! Voting has begun and you can have your say about who will be running YOUR Students Union next year by voting for your preferred candidates on But what if none of the candidates for a specific position float your boat? Read about your right to ‘no-vote’ in Label Online’s about #RememberRON.

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