VP Finance and Commercial Services candidate Chris McKenna has been hit with a second full-day ban by VP Democracy and Communications, Ali Cole, for campaigning during his previous ban on Wednesday.

McKenna, who's intentions for running in this year's Exec Elections have been questioned by many, was initially banned for 24 hours after being discovered to have campaigned during the nomination period. Then, after being sanctioned on Wednesday, he was seen campaigning during the time of his ban, furthering his time away from campaigning.

A relative unknown during the nomination period before the start of Media Week, McKenna has been almost unheard of since his unusual appearence on The Bubble Debate: Part One, bringing onto set a tin of carrots as his 'lucky charm'. His reasons for running in the Exec Elections have been further questioned, after sources around the Media Centre claim he chose to nominate himself after accepting a 'drunk dare'.

Besides McKenna, there have been relatively few sanctions imposed by Ali Cole and his Elections Committee during the 2013 elections. Izzy 'Rascal' Ford has been the only other candidate hit with a campaign ban, missing a total of three hours in the space of 24 hours on Wedndesday and Thursday, after not declaring a piece of campaign material and also an issue with members of her campaign team sporting 'Rascal' materials around the Union during the day.

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