We all dream of a white Christmas, but instead of relying on the unpredictable British weather why not add a touch of frost to your finger tips in the meantime? Follow our step-by-step tutorial to achieve the perfect snowflake nail art in time for Christmas.

You will need…

  • Light Blue nail polish; such as Barry M Blueberry Ice cream 306
  • Darker Blue nail polish; such as Barry M Cobalt Blue 291
  • Fine Glitter polish; such as Topshop Firework 201
  • White polish such; as Barry M Matt White
  • Thin paintbrush or cocktail stick
  • Old eye-shadow stipple or flat paintbrush

To Start

  1. Always start with a clear base coat on your nails to protect them from staining.
  2. Apply the lighter blue nail polish all over the nail first. We used Blueberry Ice cream from Barry M, but any pastel shade will do. Apply using three sweeps of the brush; first in the centre then two either side to cover the nail evenly.
  3. Using the darker blue polish, paint the tips stopping a third of the way down. Blend using an old eye shadow brush or flat thin paintbrush, to create an ombre effect.
  4. Allow them to dry, then top with a coat of fine glitter polish to add sparkle.

 Creating your Snowflakes

  1. Using a thin pointed paintbrush dipped in white polish, paint a large cross in the centre of each nail.
  2. Then add three arrow-like lines facing towards the centre to each point of your cross to create a snowflake shape. Take a look at our gallery for the pattern.
  3. Finish with a clear topcoat.

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All photography is courtesy of Anna Birtwistle.


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