Stage Society’s run of productions this year have been very strong and their last one this Christmas term is no exception. The adaptation of Lorca’s dark and weird Blood Wedding impressively haunted Fearon Hall for a two-night run on December 7th and 8th.

This story is one of love, marriage and family. But as with all of our favourite tragedies, this wedding is not destined to be a happy ever after affair. Revenge, fate and bloodshed take precedence in this tale, which does not make for light entertainment or easy watching. However, Director Emma Baggott enthralled her audience with her revised production, suited to both the stage and audience.

The first half sets the scene of our Bridegroom’s anticipation to marry his Bride, despite his Mother’s grief-struck bitterness towards the Bride’s family. Standout performances came from the opposing Mother (Emily Ffrench) and Bride’s Father (Sam Lean). This adaptation mixed some contemporary theatre into the archaic characters, creating not only a modern twist but also a blend of dark and light humour. The cast performed with a subtle strength that built the suspense, heightening the foreshadowing fate for the final act, proving the performance as a real thriller. 

The second half opened with the allegorical Moon and Death characters, eerily slowing the pace down, teasing the audience and keeping up the suspense of Leonardo, the Bride and Bridegroom’s fate. Soon picking up again, the passionate and violent choreography of the chorus and their blood vomiting ensured that the chase for revenge was on.

The linchpin of the production had to be the incredible soundtrack, which really climaxed cinematic moments of the play, particularly as the chorus boldly frequented the dimly lit, smoky stage. It must also be mentioned that the physicality and choreography of both the chorus and the somewhat challenging characters, Death and the Moon, were directed with real creativity.

Following the transition from morning to mourning, the play was set out to be a dark evening from the beginning. Nevertheless, it was certainly one that was executed with a skill and imagination to make it the macabre tale it deserves to be!

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