Olly Murs has just released his new album ‘Right Place, Right Time’, his third since 2009. Like his other albums, a lot of the songs are upbeat with a swing feel and all show off his cheeky personality. His first single, which everyone has probably heard is ‘Troublemaker’. In my opinion, it’s a brilliantly catchy song that just screams ‘Olly Murs’. The collaboration with Flo Rida is genius, it opens him up to a whole other genre of music and the beat just makes you want to dance. I can’t wait to hear more off the album released!

The one criticism I could make, is that the songs can sound a little similar, but doesn’t this happen with most artists? He knows what he’s good at and sticks with it, I’m not sure that’s really something he should be criticised for. Olly Murs also seems to have a voice more appropriate for his cheerful jazzy songs, more often than not, the more popular songs. However on this new album, the single ‘Dear Darlin, is an exception: Olly’s unique voice shines through and the music underneath is really well written.

Unlike some artists, he’s actually had his own input in the album songs. The only one he wasn’t involved in writing is ‘What a Buzz’ and I think artists always gain a lot more respect when they’ve written their own songs and it’s more than just a talent of voice. As a massive Olly Murs fan, I’m obviously loving the new album. I was crazy about ‘In Case You Didn’t Know’ so it was exciting to hear that ‘One of These Days’ is a lead on song from the amazing ‘I Need You Now’, possibly the best ballad from the previous album. And it doesn’t disappoint; it’s heartfelt and it shows that Olly really can sing, rather than just being an entertainer.

But this can’t be ignored. I saw him at V festival in the summer, and he was incredible. He interacts with the crowd brilliantly and he was in his element in his home-town. Often described as a younger Robbie Williams, it’s a great call for them to tour together. That’s a gig I’m sure many fans of both would not want to miss and a fantastic opportunity for Olly Murs himself. ‘Right Here, Right Now’ is out now and storming the charts – fifth on iTunes. So if you’re an Olly Murs fan, get out there and buy it because it’s more of the same excellence.


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