We are now entering the third week of Movember and if you haven’t already noticed by now, November is the month for moustaches. Supported by the likes of Pharrell Williams, Emmett J. Scanlan and Mario Falcone, Movember seems to be growing more and more every year. Movember and Sons UK tells us that last year, over 854,000 people got involved, but what is the hype all about?

The aim of Movember is to raise awareness for Men’s Health, in particular prostate and testicular cancer. As well as parties and events being held in order to raise money for charities that support the cause, men are frequently seen walking around with moustaches, while the likes Twitter are continuously supplying us with endless pictures to keep us entertained. We see men growing their moustaches in a range of styles; from the businessman moustache to the all-out handlebar. Movember is not just for men though, there also seems to be a great deal of support from women through the wearing of t-shirts, jewellery and even purses with cute moustaches on them. It is more than evident that moustaches are impressively popular this month, but do we sometimes forget the real cause behind it?

Movember can be fun and competitive, particularly within friendship and social groups. Who can grow the best moustache is often what Movember ends up being about for some people, rather than the charitable message behind it. This month is even an opportunity to annoy your girlfriend with your new furry friend. While I love the idea of raising awareness for such causes, in reality I for one am not a massive fan of moustaches on my man. In some cases it is the women who should be given some praise just for just putting up with these uncontrollable and rather scratchy moustaches.

Movember is for a fantastic cause and undoubtedly raises awareness for men’s health, but sometimes we need to be reminded of what Movember is actually about. So men while you’re pruning those moustaches, and women while you’re waiting for them to fall asleep so that you can shave it off, remember the more serious message beneath these new nose neighbours. 


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