It Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala

Around this time of year, the charts start becoming saturated with Christmas songs that have been bought, re-bought, played and covered until somebody runs out of ideas and they get covered once again by somebody off X-Factor.

However, in an effort to escape this emerging Christmas spirit, Label’s track of the week comes from the brilliant Tame Impala. The song is a blend of looped guitars, synth without tackiness and the all-important bass. All in all, bringing psychedelic back in 2012!

Kevin Par Coeur’s high vocals are distinctly reminiscent of Lennon, as he opens the song with a powerful ‘it feels like I only go backwards, baby/every part of me says ‘go ahead’’. Not the most optimistic of song choices but the dreamy bass lines make for a song that’s bound to be on repeat. Best listened to whilst attempting deep thought.


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