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If you haven’t already seen the Twilight Saga, I wouldn’t start here. It’s not that the film’s bad per se, but essentially Bill Condon has made a box-office hit from a collection of ‘in jokes’ from the previous films. Nevertheless, if you want to see the last Twilight so you can say you’ve finished the marathon, then this is what I thought…

Whereas the other Twilight films are filled with over-fluffy exclamations of ever-lasting love, this is where this film falls short. Not that I’m complaining, but all the build-up of Bella and Edward has ended with an anti-climactic, family come together, instead of fuelling romance. I also thought the film lacked plot development as, like I said, there is not enough new material, and too many reflections from the previous films. Some bits, admittedly, are funny. Even me, speaking as a non-avid Twilight fan, could laugh at the right times. However I felt, with the audience giggling in unison, it gave off the impression of canned laughter, like an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

As we know, Part One ended with Bella awakening as a ‘new born’. The last film’s ending anticipated excitement, fear, and ferociousness from the new Bella, yet, somehow, this is forgotten. Yes she is a new born, but apart from the temporary red eyes, and the momentary lapse when hunting, she quickly becomes a respectable vampire in a nice, blue dress. This is where I feel, Condon missed out on something big. This is not the only time when Condon leaves the characters unfulfilled. When all the vampires come together to fight, it seems their powers are lost. No one causes an avalanche, or changes what the Volturi can see, or blocks sight and sound. Instead, the battle is a rather violent attack of who can tear whose head off. Again, I’m not complaining, because it made for a very exciting and tense scene.

What I also noticed, unlike Breaking Dawn: Part One, was that Part Two’s ending lacked ‘oomph’. There was one end scene, followed by another, and another. It was almost as if Condon created three alternate endings, then decided to lump them all one after another. So, although it seems like I’ve set out to disappoint all you Twilight fans with an unappreciative account of the last film of the Saga, I do actually think it’s worth a watch. An unexpected cliché comes at a great time, and, after all, if you’ve come this far, there’s no going back.

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