After a fantastic summer of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic games in the capital, the British economy has shown growth to slowly recover from a double dip recession. But with university fees at an all-time high and the economy still suffering a hangover from 2008, graduate employment still glooms in the back of every student’s mind. With greater competition for graduate roles and job cuts in the financial markets, it’s not all doom and gloom – the consulting industry is on the rise, and fast!

The university careers centre provides a fantastic resource of materials for roles in consulting firms and now a finalist, Kuba Lang (International Business) has just created the brand new Loughborough University Consulting Society. LUCS aims to make Loughborough students the most commercially aware and consulting-savvy candidates so they can stand out in today’s highly competitive environment. Our goal is to provide students with a wealth of selective knowledge by developing our network with the big names in consulting and hosting lectures, networking events and consulting fairs.

LUCS hosts its first networking event next week on Wednesday, November 14th. This ‘meet and greet’ is a fantastic opportunity to learn all about who we are, what we do, and what you can get out of joining. LUCS is for students from all departments and backgrounds who are interested in learning more about the consulting industry, and best of all, it is completely free!

Why Consulting?

After attaining three very different A-levels, I started studying International Business which entails modules that range from marketing to accounting, or economics to human resources. It was only when I completed my placement in an investment bank that I realised I didn’t want to be a specialist in any field just yet, because my academic and athletic experiences had made me an all-rounder. And I believe this is the case with the majority of students I’ve come across at Loughborough, who are all talented in many fields and still aren’t fully sure which road to commit themselves to at the crossroads of a graduate career.

Consulting is a route which keeps that option open; for one project you might be working for a marketing campaign, and the next project you could be advising a merger or acquisition, the options are vast and exciting. The rewards are equally exciting with competitive salaries, bonuses and often great opportunities to travel. LUCS provides students the opportunity to learn more about the role of a consultant; aims to provide a gateway into a network of some of the biggest names in consulting and even allows students to get some real life consulting work experience!

Get Involved!

Join now to learn more about consulting and to improve your key competencies, network and participate in our upcoming seminars, events and socials! And make sure you join our Facebook group for general information and details on our ‘Meet and Greet’ next week! Or even follow us on Twitter @lboroconsulting


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