Middle of Nowhere by Hot Hot Heat

The Song of the week this week is from the early ‘noughties’: Middle of Nowhere, by Hot Hot Heat. This indie/rock track follows a typical four chord progression on which the melody is built around and an insane guitar solo which isn't gratuitously long. I actually discovered this by total accident way back at secondary school and have been hooked ever since, always featuring in my top 25 most played on iTunes in a library consisting of over 6000 songs! There's a few choice lyrics on here that stick in my mind, "don't get mad if I’m laughing, blame the caffeine for all the five am phone calls" surely something any Loughborough student could relate to losing your mind in the exam periods and when coursework deadlines strike! 

A catchy beat, and great bit of drum work as well as inspired lyrics make this one worth checking out this week!


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