Mumford & Sons faced a rapid rise to fame through the platinum success of ‘Sigh No More’ in 2010. The band surprised the music industry, standing out beyond the cyber pop of today’s music with their banjo and choirboy harmonies. We were taken aback by the likeability of the well-known ‘Little Lion Man’ and ‘The Cave’ that soared through the charts, leading them to receive the Brit Award for Album of the Year in 2011. As a result throughout the past two years Mumford & Sons have become a household name.

Mumford & Sons have gone beyond our high expectations and are back with their second album ‘Babel’. This album steps up the band’s game without altering their folk nature and beloved rhythm. In contrast to the debut album, ‘Babel’ delivers a punchier sound, almost calling to move crowds in an arena. They have not changed their sound, instead stuck to their guns and fine-tuned their unmistakable rhythm. As I listened to the album, I found it held something their debut didn’t. There seems to be a new level of passion seen in the fierce instrumentals featured in ‘I Will Wait’ and ‘Broken Crown’. These catchy and upbeat songs demonstrate the skills of the band as they build up and crash with the audience. On a whole Mumford & Sons have mastered another amazing album that continues to grow on me after every listen.


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