The fourth series of Made in Chelsea has just rolled onto our screens and already it’s loaded our Monday nights with plenty of drama. Whether it’s Louise and Spencer’s yo-yo-ing relationship or Ollie’s wavering sexuality keeping us on our toes, the storylines are as ridiculous as ever, and the awkward silences even greater.

After watching Spencer toy with twelve scantily clad girls this summer on the Bachelor, we assumed his on-and-off relationship with Louise was dead in the water. Series four opens however and she’s fallen back into his (overly hairy) arms. They seem more in love than ever before, but already someone is threatening their domestic bliss as golden girl Louise has caught the eye of new-comer Andy Jordan. Spencer’s gorilla-esque attempts to defend what is his came as no surprise considering his behaviour in the previous series. He might be playing the nice guy card now, but we doubt the course of events will run smoothly for these two love birds.

Meanwhile, despite their first date lacking original flair and getting crashed by the over-confident Sam Cussins, we can imagine every viewer let out a collective ‘awww’ when Binky and Jamie finally gave in to their simmering chemistry. However, the cracks are already starting to show so the question is: will they go the distance or will their friendship be tarnished?

Elsewhere in Chelsea…

  • Millie and Rosie are back to being the best of friends (let’s face it with their whining and pouting, how could they not be?)
  • Ollie’s back on the dating scene with a new ‘do’ but not everyone is happy with his radical transformation.
  • Richard has acquired a new girlfriend and I doubt we were alone in thinking that it was the too-sweet-to-be-sincere Kimberley on his arm at first glance.
  • Gabriella and Ollie seem to be rekindling their spark much to our surprise. C’mon guys, didn’t you learn from last time?!

Our Favourite Series Four Moments So Far…

  • Ollie getting his mop chopped.
  • Binky and Jamie's kiss.
  • Spencer getting up to his old tricks.
  • The budding 'bromance' between Proudlock, Jamie and Francis.
  • Cheska chasing after Binky's leftovers…

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