Runaways – The Killers

Label Music has chosen the newest Killers single ‘Runaways’ as the very first Song of the Week! It is the second-in-play and lead track on their new album ‘Battle Born’, released three weeks ago. Brandon Flowers’s unique and powerful voice shines in this almost ballad style track, likened to the style of Bruce Springsteen. Much like many Killers songs, ‘Runaways’ recounts a love story that unfolds throughout the song. It has received positive reviews from music critics, citing it as one of the top songs of summer 2012. Even though it takes some time to get into, starting off slow with an acoustic guitar and a piano, the chorus is big and bold and worth the wait. Not much more can be said about the track, you’re just going to have to listen to it to see why we chose it as Song of the Week! 


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