Loughborough Societies Federation (SocFed) President Sophie Sanders has announced the opening of a brand new Harry Potter Society today; One of only a handful at Universities around the British Isles. The news of this unveiling comes after a magical tranformation of the Students Union for the Grad Ball following a Harry Potter-based theme.

For the price of only five pounds sterling, Harry Potter fans can join this brand new society for many a themed social, pub quiz, fundraising event, and so much more, according to our Societies President Sophie Sanders. Points from events will be shared amongst the designated houses, making this the perfect society for those eagerly awaiting their Hogwarts acceptance letter or just want to show off their knowledge.

Sanders, beaming with excitement, has told Label Online: "It's really fantastic receiving all the new society applications as they get more creative each year with this year not being an exception! It's great as it means the SocFed section is forever growing as new societies encourage more students to get involved in extracurricular activities. Not only do students expand their friendship groups through the Societies Federation (SocFed) but the section also opens up the opportunity for students to learn new skills and have fun!"

After the revelation that Durham University were to offer a Harry Potter module, Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion, available to undergraduates as a part of the BA in Education Studies, Loughborough have jumped on an ever-growing Potter bandwagon. Universities including Edinburgh, Leeds, Cardiff and London have all had their respective Potter societies come to the surface, some even winning University awards for the intuitive activities.

The Durham module uses the work of J.K. Rowling to prejudice, citizenship and bullying in modern society; three key areas in education especially, and perhaps this new enterprise within SocFed could be used to reinforce the learning of Sociology or Psychology students perhaps?

If you are interested, Harry Potter Society membership is available now from the Students Union website by clicking here, for the very reasonable price of just £5! If you have not signed up for a Society before, you will also have to pay an additional £5 to sign up to the Societies Federation itself.


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