This month, Label Online’s main topic of discussion has been the Olympics. While some writers are currently capturing every moment with our live Label Online updates (which you can be a part of using the hashtag #labelolympics2012), there was also debate amongst some articles written, and what we should really value this summer.


Culture editor Beth Baker-Wyse looked at the arts side of the Olympics in ‘London 2012: A Summer of much more than Sport’, demonstrating how much more was on offer this summer besides the games themselves.

We asked if you thought that arts should be considered as important as sport this summer, and interestingly the results were split exactly down the middle, with 50% saying they should be, and 50% saying they shouldn't.


Sport editor Rebecca Oldham wrote a comment piece on why she won’t be watching the Olympics, discussing the money side, the hassle for commuters into London, and her opinion that it detracts away from the real value of sport.

Label wanted to know whether the student population agreed with Rebecca’s article, and in our highest amount of people polled, 24% voted that yes, they agreed with Rebecca while 76% said they didn't.


In the run up to the start of the Olympics, Label online editor George Crabb took us through which former and current Loughborough students to look out for during the games. 

In the height of all the excitement, we asked how many gold medals do people see team GB winning this summer, the voting turning out to be very split:

14% 0-5  

17% 5-10

32% 10-20

29% 20-30

8% 30+  


So, as a majority it seems we are excited for the Olympics to be here in own country and fairly confident in team GB as winners!

Be sure to look back to Label Online over the coming weeks for more opinion polls and constant updates on all things Olympics.    


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