This summer’s Olympic Games will play host to more than 14,000 athletes from 205 countries from around the world, as well as nearly two-dozen of our very own, based at, or formerly of, Loughborough University.

Subject to remaining selections, our athletes, current and former student as well as those which use the university as a training base, will be competing in everything from athletics and swimming, to handball and canoeing. Loughborough is also represented by four Paralympians-to-be come August 29th.

Loughborough has been selected by the British Olympic Association as the Official Preparation Camp Headquarters for Team GB prior to the London 2012 Olympic Games. The University has also signed a partnership with the Japanese Olympic Committee that will see both organisations working together until the London 2012 Olympic Games. Therefore, the selection of so many former students and trainees is a testament to the University, facilities and coaching at the establishment.

Here is a rundown of our home athletes’ who are guaranteed or have confirmed their place as a part of Team GB. We will update this page as the final squads are announced over the coming few weeks:

Alumni Presenters:

  • Ben Croucher (Ex-Head of Media and Label Sport Sub-Editor) – Diving and Water Polo.
  • Chris Lloyd (Ex-LSUTV Presenter) – Boxing.
  • Radzi Chinyanganya (Ex-LSUTV Presenter) – Weightlifting.
  • Hannah Wilkes (Ex-LSUTV Assistant Station Manager and Loughborough Gold Producer) – Rhythmic Gymnastics and Badminton.
  • Dave Rogers (Ex-Student Activities Officer) – Volleyball.


  • Richard Buck – 4x400m Relay (August 9th and 10th).
  • Abdul Buhari – Discus (August 6th and 7th).
  • James Dasaolu – 100m (August 4th and 5th), 4x100m Relay (August 10th and 11th).
  • Kate Dennison – Pole Vault (August 4th and 6th).
  • Emily Diamond – 4x400m Relay (August 10th and 11th).
  • Lisa Dobriskey – 1500m (August 6th, 8th and 10th).
  • Robbie Grabarz – High Jump (August 5th and 7th).
  • Sophie Hitchon – Hammer (August 8th and 10th).
  • Steve Lewis – Pole Vault (August 8th and 10th).
  • Mervyn Luckwell – Javelin (August 8th and 11th).
  • Lee McConnell – 400m (August 3rd-5th) and 4x400m Relay (August 10th and 11th).
  • Nick McCormick – 5000m (August 8th and 11th).
  • Barbara Parker – 5000m (August 7th and 10th) and 3000m Steeplechase (August 4th and 6th).
  • Paula Radcliffe – Marathon (August 5th).
  • Martyn Rooney – 400m (August 4th-6th).
  • Nicola Sanders – 4x400m Relay (August 10th and 11th).
  • Goldie Sayers – Javelin (August 7th and 9th).
  • Alex Smith – Hammer (August 3rd and 5th).
  • Chris Thompson – 10,000m (August 4th).
  • Andy Turner – 110m Hurdles (August 7th and 8th).
  • Rhys Williams – 400m Hurdles (August 3rd-5th).


  • Luol Deng – Men's (July 29th-August 12th).
  • Julie Page – Women's (July 28th-August 11th).

Canoe Slalom:

Lizzie Neave – Women’s K1 (July 30th-August 2nd).

Canoe Sprint:

  • Angela Hannah – Women's K4 500m (August 6th-8th).
  • Liam Neath– Men’s K2 200m (August 10th and 11th).
  • Jon Schofield – Men’s K2 200m (August 10th and 11th).

Women's Football (July 25th-August 9th):

  • Sophie Bradley.
  • Karen Carney.
  • Steph Houghton.
  • Claire Rafferty.
  • Jill Scott.
  • Casey Stoney.
  • Ellen White.

Gymnastics – Artistic (July 28th-August 8th):

Sam Oldham.

Men's Handball (July 29th-August 12th):

John Pearce.

Men’s Hockey (July 30th-August 11th):

  • Nicholas Catlin.
  • Glenn Kirkham.
  • Iain Lewers.
  • Iain Mackay.
  • Barry Middleton.
  • Richard Smith.
  • Alastair Wilson.

Women’s Hockey (July 29th-August 10th):

  • Hannah MacLeod.
  • Laura Unsworth.
  • Nicola White.


  • Ross Davenport – 4x200m Freestyle Relay (July 31st).
  • Daniel Fogg – 1500m Freestyle (August 3rd and 4th), Open Water 10km (August 10th).
  • Fran Halsall – 100m (August 1st and 2nd) and 50m Freestyle (August 3rd and 4th), 100m Butterfly (July 28th and 29th).
  • Kate Haywood – 100m Breaststroke (July 29th and 30th).
  • Joanne Jackson – 400m Freestyle (July 29th), 4x200m Freestyle Relay (August 1st).
  • Caitlin McClatchey – 4x200m Freestyle (August 1st).
  • Roberto Pavoni – 400m Individual Medley (July 28th), 200m Butterfly (July 30th and 31st).
  • Joe Roebuck – 400m (July 28th) and 200m Individual Medley (August 1st and 2nd), 200m Butterfly (July 30th and 31st).
  • Lizzie Symonds – 200m Backstroke (August 2nd and 3rd).
  • Amy Smith – 100m (August 1st and 2nd) and 50m Freestyle (August 3rd and 4th), 4x100m Freestyle Relay (July 28th).
  • Liam Tancock – 100m Backstroke (July 29th and 30th).
  • Grant Turner – 4x100m Freestyle (July 29th).

Women's Taekwondo:

Sarah Stevenson – -67kg Class (August 10th).

Men's Triathlon (August 7th):

Stuart Hayes.

Women's Traithlon (August 4th):

  • Lucy Hall.
  • Vicky Holland.

Women's Volleyball (July 28th-August 11th):

  • Maria Bertelli.
  • Rachel Bragg.
  • Rachel Laybourne.
  • Jennifer Taylor.
  • Lucy Wicks.


  • Emma Hollis – Swimming (August 30th-September 8th).
  • Natasha Davies – Wheelchair Basketball (August 30th-September 7th).
  • Judith Hamer – Wheelchair Basketball (August 30th-September 7th).
  • Laurie Williams – Wheelchair Basketball (August 30th-September 7th).
  • Clare Strange – Wheelchair Basketball (August 30th-September 7th).
  • David Phillipson – Wheelchair Tennis (September 1st-8th).
  • Sam Ruddock – T35 100m (August 31st and September 1st) and 200m (September 6th).
  • Richard Whitehead – T42 100m (September 4th) and 200m (September 1st).
  • Libby Clegg – T12 100m (September 1st and 2nd) and 200m (September 5th and 6th).
  • Stefanie Reid – T44 100m (September 1st and 2nd), 200m (September 5th and 6th) and Long Jump (September 2nd).
  • Claire Williams – F12 Discus (September 12th).
  • Kieran Tschierniawsky – F33 Discus (September 7th).
  • Dan Greaves – F44 Discus (September 6th).
  • Dan West – F34 Shotput (September 4th).
  • Jonathan Adams – F34 Shotput (September 4th).
  • Hannah Stodel – Sonar Sailing (September 1st-September 6th).
  • Aaron McKibbin – Table Tennis (August 30th-September 3rd).

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