Loughborough fashionistas look out – there is a new kid on the block, and this time it takes the form of a cute baby seal…

 Baby Seal Tees, created by third-year textiles student Katie Austin is a home-grown company dedicated to bringing the Loughborough population cute and quirky printed t-shirts.

Rumour has it that the company was named after the founder’s cute, baby seal-like features, but even she herself states that, “I don’t think anyone actually knows why it’s called that.”

The company sells a range of different t-shirts in a variety of different shades, all with different, much-loved slogans on, such as “Oh life”, “FML”, and “I’m in a weird place right now.”

 “There are so many classic phrases we say at uni all the time… I felt a need to express such emotions in fabric form, you know?” stated the quirky blonde student.

When asked how she would sum up the range of 100% cotton tees, she said, “we like to call what we do fabric poetry… yeah that’s right, we are proper deep.”

The company was set up over Katie’s last year at Loughborough, where the idea has been brewing away for quite some time, inspired by her creative flair and love for textiles. The designs are hand-drawn here in Loughborough, with a humble fine-liner pen and paper, and are then transferred via hand screen-print onto the t-shirts in Norfolk.

Whilst Baby Seal is only in its beginnings, Katie hopes to gain success by selling the one-of-a-kind tees. Her main aim, though, is purely to “spread the humour of the British student population around a bit more… like butter on a well-toasted crumpet.”

Baby Seal will be selling t-shirts in JC’s this Thursday May 3, and next Tuesday May 8 in the Village Bar, and are expected to sell out fast. If you can’t make those dates, Katie assured Label Style that there will be more sales around the university up until the end of term.

If the quirky, statement designs are anything to go by, Style predict big things for Baby Seal Tees, who are soon sure to become one of the go-to places for straight-talking fashion in Loughborough.


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