A few weeks ago Kourtney Kardashian made the papers because she nearly tripped in her high heels which; to be honest, bore more of a resemblance to stilts.

Falling in heels is generally just a humiliating moment for the victim and a hilarious one for the spectator; however Kourtney Kardashian is currently seven months pregnant with her second child. If she’d fallen there would have been more than a bruised ego – she could have seriously harmed her unborn child.

Unfortunately, Kourtney is not the only celebrity committing the offence of putting her unborn child at risk.

Beyoncé religiously wore her sky scraper heels when pregnant with her daughter; the seemingly eternally pregnant Jessica Simpson has been seen tottering around in some five inches and Snooki from Jersey Shore tweeted a picture of the pair of six inch heels she was wearing at the (wait for it) pool!

I know Hollywood is a place far removed from reality, but you’d think that celebrities aren’t totally alien to the idea of not potentially harming their child just to look good.

The thing is, Stacey Solomon faced abuse from the country when she was caught smoking whilst pregnant, but as far as I’m concerned, endangering your child unnecessarily in any way is unacceptable, and I class wearing high heels when pregnant as dangerous.

For the first few months when you’re not showing, fine. However, when you begin to have a prominent bump that will obviously affect your balance then they should hang the stilettos up. I know when I wear heels that I need to be especially attentive when walking so how the women of Hollywood are finding it manageable, never mind acceptable, when they have a huge bump in front of them makes my mind boggle.

Okay so the women of Hollywood are expected to look good at all times, and if they don’t then they have to face criticism from everyone. If Beyoncé had stepped out in a pair of flip flops, joggers and an old t-shirt when pregnant, people would have been shocked, and she would have faced negative, nasty criticism.

Instead she was applauded for looking ‘chic’ throughout her pregnancy. However, it’s time the women of Hollywood ignored the voice of the press and listened to common sense; high heels may make your legs look slimmer, but all it takes is one stumble in your heels before you and your unborn child are faced with the reality that high heels when pregnant are unnecessary and potentially dangerous.


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