Various different building developments throughout campus, both sporting and educational, have begun.  Arguably the biggest of these developments is the Science and Enterprise Park. 

The aim of this is to be able to create an environment that can enable Loughborough to increase its research and development studies that will allow the university to continue to compete against some of the best research institutions in the world.

Loughborough already has several Queen’s anniversary prizes for excellence in a variety of different research fields as well as being rated World Class by The Sunday Times.

Further proposed developments on campus include a wind turbine. Planning permission has already been granted for a temporary wind monitoring mast to enable the university to see wind speeds justify the erection of a permanent wind turbine near Holywell Park next year.

The proposal for footpaths also around the Holywell area and an increase in bus services furthers the environmental development of the university.

The Kinchbus service has been extended, with the buses running through campus for free every five minutes and then travelling further into town every ten minutes. To take advantage of the free travel around campus, staff and students must to produce an ID card. 

Many different sporting plans are in the pipeline, including the nearly completed Throwing Centre that has been built in association with UK Athletics. It is hoped that it will help Loughborough become the primary base for UK throwers after the Olympics.

Furthermore, the recently gained planning permission for a beach volleyball court hopes to encourage the growth of more sports including beach soccer, beach volleyball and various fitness and health classes. It’s hoped that the building of these courts will ease the growing pressure on the indoor and multi-functional pitches.

To help ease that pressure further planning permission has also been submitted to the council for a further three multi-functional courts. The council recently declined the first application made by the university, however it is thought the new plan with a change of venue has a better chance of being accepted.  


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