What do you get when a man with an extensive Hermès scarf collection asks the designers of Vans pumps to turn them into customized shoes? A range of beautiful and unique footwear is created, of course.

There is something quite enticing about the new Vans and Hermès collaboration; the very least is that you cannot actually buy them. The bespoke footwear was repurposed for designer Robert Verdi out of his own personal scarf collection.

The marriage of delicate vintage prints and rubber soles make the partnership seem like a typical case of ‘opposites attract’.

Since 1937, Hermès has been designing classic silk scarves that have been widely regarded as the highest quality with beautiful detailing and rich colours, elevating the company to its iconic status.

Vans, the skate-park staples need no introduction. In 1966, Paul Van Doren sold his first pair of Vans with the same simple and popular shape and design we see today.

The scarves and the pumps identify their companies and even though they are from opposite worlds, they have both stayed true to their identities. With the use of distinctive materials, the union of Hermès and Vans makes more sense than meets the eye. Although not an official collaboration between the brands, the entire prospect seems refreshing and new.

If you, like all of us here at Style, have fallen in love with the idea of scarf-printed Vans, why not try creating a pair yourself?

Get in touch with your creative side by purchasing a pair of plain plimpsolls and some fabric paints in a range of colours. Copy the scarf designs or think up your own, for a cheap and unique take on the coveted shoes.


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