Today’s media hustings was the last Executive Elections hustings out of the three. Label Editor, Jago Pearson interviewed all the candidates for LSUTV and LCR conducted a six hour elections broadcast with every candidate. This represented the last chance for them to voice their opinions.

I was fortunate enough to be present at today's hustings, which should be available by the close of play on Monday, and I believe that it was the best one yet. It is vital that students engage and watch the interviews in order to make a fair decision. Voting opens tomorrow which means that the days of campaigning are slowly but surely ending.

Even though I have been involved with the Executive Elections through the media centre from the start and knew what each candidate included in their manifesto, I still wasn’t 100% sure who to vote for earlier this afternoon.
However, after seeing the candidates answering questions and on several occasions discussing each other’s manifesto points I feel far more confident about making that decision. At times, I felt that some of the candidates had similar ideas but today really outlined the differences between them.

In my opinion, it is so vital to vote for the candidate whose concepts and notions you support rather than making judgements based on how many sweets have been given out to you. The candidates and their teams have given up so much of their time in the past 16 days to try and win your vote so I think that each and every one of us owes it to them.

I am certain that if you take just that little bit of time out of your day; the candidates will give so much more back to you. The next Executive team are the ones who will make your ‘student experience’ a fantastic one and it is now up to us all to decide who gets a chance to make the change.  While it is not often recognised, the Student Union plays a very significant role in every student’s life and in many ways it makes Loughborough what it is.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the hype and excitement of the past weeks and really do hope that no one turns their back on voting. It is an opportunity for every student to have their say about what happens with their future. I am voting, so join me because every vote counts.


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