Hustings; the time for candidates to debate manifesto points, to demonstrate their aptitude for the job and for the electorate to get to know them as individuals. The problem is nobody apart from campaign teams and the union clique bother to attend.

Pete Childs has said he hopes to hit the 8000 vote mark in these elections, the highest in Loughborough history. But should that be the priority? Or is an educated electorate more important for the good of democracy? It is a controversial debate that is had not just here, but all over the world.

Whichever side of the fence you stand, I think hustings attendance is a concern for all. Let's hope tonight's Candidates' Quiz at the EHB is bustling with students that aren't on campaign teams, aren't affiliated with media and are not directly part of the Students' Union community.

Last year, 32% of students turned out at the virtual ballot boxes. I wonder how many of them voted on the basis of manifestos as opposed to volume of sweets, catchiness of slogans or pre-election popularity?

As Childs says though,  what's the problem if it is a popularity contest? Every election is one.


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