Monday night saw this year’s 18 Executive Elections candidates announced live in Room 1, therefore if you missed Label’s live updates, we’ve got all the positions and all the candidates right here so you know exactly who you’ll be seeing over the next fortnight.

First up, was the position of Societies Federation President, who represents all societies and their members. First to the stage was Claud ‘Cosmic’ Williams who, during his time at Loughborough, has been a member of five different societies. He is looking to improve the level of promotion which societies receive and also aims to encourage innovation.

Running against him is Sophie ‘Reach for the Stars’ Sanders. She’s been involved with societies since 2008 and has chaired LSU Pole Dance. If elected, she wants to encourage new traditions, raise the profile of SocFed and improve the training of the society committees.

The third and final candidate running for this position is Aisling ‘catch 'em’ O’Donnell who wants to support new societies and committees by creating a starter pack with advice. She’s also looking to work hand in hand with the Media Centre to promote societies in order to get more people involved.

Rag Chair, a position that runs the fundraising section of Loughborough Student Union, is uncontested. Max ‘Timelord’ Turner who has been on Rag committee for three years is running and he aims to diversify external events and improve rep training.

Billy ‘Wonka’ Marsh will also stand uncontested, for the position Action Chair. He has been involved with Action, the volunteering section of the Students Union, since he started at Loughborough and thinks that with his combination of experience and knowledge he can ensure more involvement, greater inclusion and more recognition for volunteers.

The Head of Media position will be in charge of all four sections of the media centre and will contested between Francesca ‘SuperFran Scambler and Natasha ‘Captain’ Cox.

Scambler, if voted on, will increase the awareness of LCR by giving the webpage a makeover and getting a 'listen live' link on the website. She also aims to work closely with the Head of Marketing to promote all sections of media.

Fran’s opponent, Natasha ‘Captain’ Cox’s vision for the media centre looks at four main points, marketing and promotion, enhancing training, developing links with Hall Reps and increasing opportunities available. She wants to give back to the students by ensuring everyone is aware of all avenues of involvement.

One of the most popular positions year after year is AU President who will oversee the running of the 55 AU clubs.

Nicola ‘Baywatch’ Keenan has been an AU Club Chair with Lifesaving and if successful with her campaign aims to rebrand events such as Healthy Living Week to squeeze out every last drop of value for your Loughborough experience.

Running up against her is Lewis ‘PIMMS’ Timms who believes he has the commitment to showcase our talent, the desire to increase publicity, the awareness and the understanding to further Loughborough's superb sporting acumen.

This year, the Welfare Development Officer (DO) position has evolved into a full time role renamed VP Welfare and Diversity.

Running for this position is David ‘Pokemon’ Haines who is former Hall Chair of the Holt. If elected his aim is to form an international federation.

Jack ‘TinTin’ Heskett, current Welfare DO, wants to continue working in this role and aims to carry on representing and supporting students in addition to making sure all services are sufficiently promoted.

The final candidate running for the new VP position, is Georgina ‘Colourful’ Court and if elected she looks to enforce an open-door and open-mind policy, and a two hour drop-in session every week that anyone with any issue attend. She also aims to create more cultural awareness around the campus.

The Vice President of Finance and Commercial services is in control of the Union’s finances and commercial departments. Rory ‘Roary’ Mitchell, Vice Chair of Union Council is the only candidate for this uncontested position and wants to introduce cashless payments at the Union and plans to increase spending on the promotion of events to make the Loughborough Experience a roaring success.

Candidates Matt ‘Indiana’ Jones and Lazar ‘Vegas’ Zindovic are both running to become Vice President of Education to ensure that the students have the best possible learning experience. Jones will look to whip your education into shape, to increase the value of the student experience and represent the students on an academic level in a more effective way.

Running against him is Lazar ‘Vegas’ Zindovic who wants to change your education. If voted on he aims to release Module Feedback Forms and increase the use of available technology. He also plans to increase the awareness of Voice in order to aid support for student with academic issues.

The penultimate and final uncontested position was VP Democracy and Communications, who runs all the elections and democratic procedures. Ali ‘Star’ Cole, former Hall Chair of Towers wants to rebrand, restructure and reform. He aims to get more students involved in the Union Council and be believes maximising involvement means good communication.

And finally, the role of Union President will be fought between Ali ‘Baba’ Shahid and Ellie ‘iBelieve’ Read and is set to be one of the most interesting battles.

Shahid wants to make sure that your wishes come true. Among other things, he plans to introduce a teacher feedback system and reconstruct the website. Read, ex-Faraday Hall Chair, aims to be the voice of your beliefs by supporting your executive, your halls, your societies and your departments.

This year promises to be another exciting and interesting year of campaigning. Results will be announced on March 7 and you can keep up-to-date with all the latest news on the elections website as well as Label Online.


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