February 14 is really, just another day, except it’s not. It’s the peak of a commercial mountain where prices rise and everybody seems to want red roses. During this season of love, the people appear to be on a hype to spend, spend money they sometimes don’t even have.

The original spirit of Valentine’s Day is almost lost, it used to be about celebrating relationships and the joy of togetherness but these days, commercial firms present it to us on plate with artificial hearts and cheesy greeting cards.

The commercial boom can be so overwhelming, that you may be persuaded to believe that this has nothing to do with genuine love and romance. But let’s take a look at the single vs. taken aspect of the day of love.

If you are single you think it’s all nonsense  because let’s face it, chocolate makes you fat and roses sooner or later wither anyway so you don’t really understand what the fuss is about.

Instead, you drown your sorrows with a fancy bottle of wine watching horror films. A few hours later you are starting to get annoyed at yourself that you are, once again, reading the old love letters from your ex that you keep in a box under your bed. In fury about romance and all that you finally decide to throw them out and the day of trauma ends in drunk-depression; and still alone.

If you are in a relationship however, Valentine’s Day is a completely different story.  I would definitely say it’s a lot easier to watch Ichabod Crane chase a Headless Horseman than to decide what present to get your other half. Is there a spending limit? What if he gets you something way better than you got him? And oh my god, what if he forgets it’s Valentine’s Day? That is a little unrealistic though, because the world of advertising is here to remind him, every day.

While we women are worried about what to wear or how to look good naked, the men have it worse. The expectations on Valentine’s Day are high and even though it doesn’t necessarily have to be Paris, just a card is never enough. At times, we don’t want to admit it but we love to be spoilt.

So what is the perfect present? I’m sure there’s an app for that. The pressure is on, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 


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