After a hectic month of parties, indulgences and harsh weather, the effects are bound to make an unwelcome appearance. There’s no better time than January to welcome a detox, not only for your body, but also for your skin and introduce some New Year resolutions.

1. Cleanse and cleanse again! The first time removes make-up and any daily build up of dirt and grime. The second gives a deeper cleaning to remove excess oil and dirt preventing breakouts. However, make sure the cleanser is fully removed from the skin; otherwise it can counteract its purpose and block open pores.

2. Toning the skin after cleansing can sometimes be overlooked, but toner removes left over cleanser whilst restoring hydration to the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed. Beware that if you use the wrong toner for your skin type, skin can become overly-dry and red from lack of moisture.

3. Moisturising the skin, including the body and not just the face is important to prevent dry and dull looking skin. Moisturise in the morning before applying make up for a smoother base and again in the evening. New research has suggested that it is better to moisturise in lines rather than rub in circles, which stretches the skin and drags fluid around.

4. Exfoliation is vital in keeping skin soft and free of dead skin cells, which can block pores. The skins natural oils and sebum can’t be released to regulate the moisture of the skin; therefore blocked pores turn to spots, blackheads and blemishes. Sensitive or dry skin types should use a product with smaller granules and exfoliate no more than twice a week. Combination skins should concentrate more on the oilier T-Zone for a more evenly balanced complexion. Over exfoliation on oily skin types can dry skin out and cause excess oil to compensate so use products with larger granules but gentle enough for regular exfoliation.

5. Detox your skin and give it a break from make-up build up. Aim to have at least one make-up free day a week to allow skin to breathe and replenish itself naturally. Or if that sounds too scary start by using one less product than normal, gradually cutting it down so you’re able to feel comfortable wearing less, ideal for Spring/Summer ’12 which sees a less is more approach to make-up.

6. Exercise makes us all a little sweaty but this is a perfect way for your skin to cleanse itself. Sweating removes oils, toxins and free radicals from our bodies; molecules responsible for aging and tissue damage.  Exercising also gives your skin a healthy glow as the blood flow increases and comes to the skin surface, giving you beautifully flushed rosy cheeks so no excuses for wearing a full face of make-up to the gym!

7. Sounds simple but eating better will do wonders for not only your complexion but your whole body. Eating more fruits and vegetables and dairy rich in Vitamins A, E and beta-carotene also help to prevent damage caused by the free radicals, giving you more energy and remove toxins more efficiently and less prone to illnesses.

8. Although it is better to get vitamins and nutrients from a balanced diet (it is more easily absorbed by the body) taking vitamin supplements can help to improve skin, bones and prevent deficiencies. Also swapping regular tea and coffee for anti-oxidant green or chamomile tea, can help remove toxins, making skin clearer and can aid in de-bloating in the face and body. 

9. In Britain, 78% of women are vitamin D deficient. Being outside for at least 20 minutes a day is enough to boost your Vitamin D intake as well as improving your mood, boosting metabolism, de-stress and rejuvenate skin.

10. Foundations with added skin benefits are widely available on the market. Look for a foundation or moisturiser with at least SPF 15 to protect skin from premature aging and damage, as your face is exposed daily to UVA and UVB rays.  Powder mineral make-up has recently become a big trend it uses fewer chemicals than traditional liquid foundations and some critics argue it is less harsh on skin. 


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