Simon Enver, of the ‘Papa Simon’ fast-food outlets on campus, was acquitted of drug dealing in a plea hearing on November 30 at Leicester Crown Court.

Enver was charged for possession of a Class B drug with intent to supply, one month after his arrest at Papa Simon’s next to the Purple Onion shop on May 16.

On Wednesday, the prosecution however admitted that they had no substantive evidence and so suggested the case be dropped.

In the intervening period between the arrest and the charge, it was decided that Enver would be absent from Papa Simon campus outlets and following Wednesday’s outcome, he may return to the Union based Van operation.
General Manager of the Students’ Union, Andy Parsons, spoke to Label: “I am glad that there proved to be nothing in this serious allegation and we will be pleased to have Simon back, if only at the Union Van operation to begin with.”

It has now been established that the student who brought the charges against Enver, now graduated, did in fact sell the Class B cannabis to another employee of the Papa Simon business.

At the point of finding out the transaction had taken place, Enver placed the illegal contents above the counter out of the public’s reach.

Upon taking an accusation to campus security, the student was then able to inform them where the drugs allegedly being sold by Enver were kept. Security then referred the matter to the police, who searched the premises and duly arrested both Enver and the employee upon finding the cannabis. The latter was not charged.

Label spoke to Simon Enver after the case was thrown out of court:

“I was always confident that the case would be thrown out. Even if it had gone to trial, I was confident of a not guilty verdict.”

“The last six months have been a nightmare for me and my family. I’ve been judged and presumed guilty by many people before the case has even been taken to court. The people that knew me well always knew that I would come out of this on top.”

He continued by saying that he is not sure whether he wishes to come back to campus: 

“I want to take over a club, that’s my next objective. My personality suits running a club. It’s great now to have all of the facts out in the open to dispel all of the rumours." 


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