With every November at Loughborough University, the annual ‘housing panic’ occurs. Although there is no need to rush as there are more houses than students and always the option of staying in halls, Label Features has compiled a list of reviews from students living with different housing agents so you can get an opinion from the inside. 

Anthony Moor
In my second year in Loughborough, I moved into one of Anthony’s select few houses. Aside from providing amazing quality housing in prime locations, he was an exceptional landlord too! He always checked with us first before bringing new tenants around, and was one of those landlords who loved dropping texts or popping by once every so often just to see if you were okay, which was especially nice when some of us girls were on their own during the holidays.

We had a few breakages but these appliances were fixed within a day or two.  He was also supportive and protective when we had trouble with rowdy neighbours and the police got involved. Generally, just the nicest guy you could talk to as a friend as well as a proprietor, and I would recommend him highly to anyone.

Nicholas Humphreys
Although I now deal with a private landlord, Nicholas Humphreys are the link between myself and him, and they have been an incredibly useful resource. As I struggled and failed to find a placement, finding accommodation for my final year came as a very last minute decision, and not many places were around, let alone places with merely 1 or 2 bedrooms.

Thankfully, Nicholas Humphreys has a few solutions, and when those reached dead ends, they still continued searching and re-negotiating with landlords to see what deals they could find for us – pulling out the extra stops to find us a place to live, especially so late into the summer.

Eventually we found somewhere, and it was lovely to have the assurance that they were cross-referencing the contracts between us and the landlord; guaranteeing liabilities and promises on both sides to ensure we were all getting what we were paying for. They were extremely helpful and personable throughout, and I would recommend them as a letting agency.

Tenancy with a Private Landlord via Loughborough University Accommodation Centre
Our house was advertised through the University’s Accommodation Centre website. They were great through the whole process; they organised numerous visits with current tenants, explained the contract and sorted all the details with our landlord.

It was reassuring to know if we had any issues the Accommodation Centre would be involved and therefore, we were protected, even with a private landlord. When moving in, the house was left in an unacceptable state and though the Centre responded quickly and empathetically, we ended up doing all the cleaning and contacting the landlord frequently ourselves.

I would recommend being with the Accommodation Centre if you don’t know the private landlord as it is a safer option; they make the beginning process effortless but also be prepared to deal with your own landlord.

Aidan J Reed (dealing also with a private landlord)
Situated in a convenient location on Ashby Road, Aidan J Reed has hundreds of properties for students, with many houses in the ‘golden triangle’.

For me, first impressions weren’t great however, as the agent turned up late for the viewing, after we had ran from our lecture to get there on time! But we weren’t put off as we liked the house. After we had paid our deposit, we had nothing more to do with them; we dealt directly through our landlord.

The company is run in a very business-like manner, and it doesn’t seem like they do anything different for students to entice them in. Nice houses, but don’t expect any extras, unlike the more student-friendly Nicholas Humphreys or Club Easy.

Parr Houses
As a house of boys on Chestnut Street, our experience of Parr Houses has so far been very positive. There were a few issues and slight repairs needed when we first moved in, most of which had already been noted by Parr Houses before our arrival and all of which were swiftly remedied soon after we moved in, so no complaints there.

We were also greeted with a £100 moving in allowance to share and a bottle of rosé as a welcome gift. Parr Houses also contact us frequently to keep us up to date when necessary and have so far been easy to contact and speak to.

Overall, we have found them to be a very reasonable and helpful company and would definitely recommend them to others. Those of us who will still be here next year are, in fact, very likely to stay with Parr Houses.

I am now in my third year in Waterways Student Accomodation situated above the Basin in town. The staff are friendly and on call 24 hours a day. The booking process has always been so easy (sometimes even with special offers) and you can choose who you live with.

I’ve never had any major issues with anyone there, and any problems have been resolved quickly and professionally. It is quite like halls in its set-up, but hosts students from freshers to PhD, and the staff are always mindful of age and course when putting the flats together.

The best bits? The maintenance is great and you get your own bathroom.

Lufbralets is privately run and is one of the few options of student accommodation that offer apartments, houses and student rooms all which are very well furnished.

The landlords are friendly and reliable, making your stay that much easier and the service is of a very high standard, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be disappointed. Any problems we’ve had we’ve been able to email our landlady quickly and had them sorted promptly.

Everything is well kept and the properties are regularly tended to and looked after well. They are usually very popular with students and the properties go quickly, so get in while you still have the chance.


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