After an entertaining warm up and a player entrance mirroring, the game began well with Loughborough winning the tip off. Some good movement provided the first dunk of the game inside the first minute. Was this going to continue throughout the game? Unfortunately not, as several stray shots from both sides failed to replicate the excellent shooting in the warm up.

A Loughborough three pointer was turned over, but De Montfort were soon on the back foot after some great defensive blocks by the home team. A time out then gave spectators the opportunity to glance over at the other Big Match of the night, Women’s Volleyball on the court behind.

The game was restarted and some quick passing gave De Montfort several point scoring opportunities. Loughborough’s number eight replied by scoring a classic three pointer, but some nicely worked passes through the tight defence from the Leicester side amounted to nothing. The quarter time score ended closely with the home side edging ahead, 23-17.

In a closely fought match and with everything to play for, both teams battled from end to end at the start the second quarter. Inspired by the noisy sports hall and a persistent chant of “defence” from the cheerleaders, Loughborough made some good interceptions.

Brilliant athleticism from number six kept the ball on court, ending in the home team earning some deserved points. De Montfort looked helpless as more Loughborough possession gave the home side opportunities to show the crowd their dunking abilities. Loughborough began to widen the gap and the half time score was 49-28.

Loughborough Dance provided half time entertainment, before Loughborough began the second half. De Montfort retrieved some great rebounds, but the home team came back with numerous three pointers, the majority coming from Loughborough’s number 21. By the end of the third quarter Loughborough had steamed ahead, 88-44.

Fireworks began the final quarter after a controversial decision not to give Loughborough a free throw after a foul against them. The Loughborough side answered with a string of points with no response from a tiring De Montfort side. An insane Loughborough dunk sent the crowd wild, with even the Leicester side congratulating the player. Loughborough continued to pile on the pressure, and consequently the points to.

Loughborough continued to dominate to the very end with some excellent defending, and nicely converted free throws from number 9. It’s fair to say Loughborough did themselves proud, with the score finishing Loughborough 120, De Montfort 54.


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