Budgeting for the big food shop can be a nightmare, especially after a busy week when you find that your funds have seriously depleted. There are so many supermarkets, with varying offers, discounts and meal deals that you can find yourself spending a fortune.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your budget is to shop in pairs. Everywhere has offers, usually ‘2 for 1’ or ‘buy one get one free,’ providing opportunities to purchase brands at ridiculously cheap prices, simply split the cost. Although some offers may be short lived, there are always new offers replacing them.

Divide your time. Do not simply pick Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s for the convenient shop. Iceland has better value for frozen and party foods. The market stalls on Thursdays and Saturdays have better quality fruit and vegetables, and you will be helping out the local businesses. Poundland has your necessary condiments, and Home Bargains is the place to be for your toiletries.

Online shopping for big purchases are best in the masses. Many online stores have a buying limit ranging from twenty to fifty pounds, others offer online purchase and ‘free store pick up’s.’ Iceland provides a free delivery after you spend twenty-five pounds if like the majority; you struggle to carry your shopping home. Online sites such as ‘milkandmore.co.uk’ are offering free delivery with no minimum order for your first buy; whilst ‘groupon.co.uk’ offer vouchers for a variety of savings, not just on your food shopping.

Buy a Bag For Life. They are available in shops, including charity shops; whilst helping to save the planet, you are saving your arms the pain at the same time. For those of you with a favourite store, taking your own bag earns you extra membership points. The Tesco-club card is excellent for receiving vouchers, very handy for the expensive times of the year. But the Nectar Credit Card for Sainsbury’s is looking very appealing right now. Double points can be earned in store for the first year, and your parents can top up your card swiftly, from their own, on those days when you find yourself a bit short of cash.

Shop at night for the best reduced offers; food can last for days afterwards. Freeze your bread, and before going on a big shop have one of those ‘everything-left-over-random-meals,’ they can taste a lot better than what they look.

Best Offers on Alcohol*:

Tesco Silver Bay Point White Wine 75cl 2 for £5
Sainsburys 15x440ml Fosters/Carlsberg/Carling/Strongbow 2 for £18
Morrisons Good Quality Pinot Gregio White Wine Half Price at £3.99
Bargain Booze Absolute Vodka 70cl £14.99

Basic Pasta Meal*:

  Tesco Sainburys
Pasta 500g 70p 18p
Tin of Chopped Tomatoes 33p for 400g 59p for 390g
Onions 21p per KG 90p per KG
Mushrooms 150g pack, 2 for £1.20 150g pack at 2 for £1.50
Cheese 250g Red Leicester £1.75, 3 for 2 offer 270g Red Leicester £1.70, 2 for £3

* Prices correct at time of publishing


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