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  • Full report on the resignation of Loughborough University's Vice Chancellor, Shirley Pearce
  • How to save the Euro? A Loughborough Professor with his ten-point plan
  • Exclusive interview with Loughborough FC's Head Coach, Stuart Mclaren
  • The rules of the romantic chase – we canvass the opinions of students around campus
  • Downton Abbey – so much more than a costume drama?


Editor's Pick:

'Fighting with Fashion', Jo Wibrew

"Pakistan is a well-known country for everything but fashion. When we think of it, images of terrorism, violence and poverty plague our minds; most recently, that of the fatal bomb blast in 2008 that killed 54 people and left hundreds more injured in Islamabad.

Bordered by Afghanistan, Iran and India, the developing country remains far behind in the race for the modern excesses of Western communism, and with nearly 50% of the population still illiterate, it would seem that the second-largest Muslim country in the world still has some way to go before it can be identified with glamour, let alone fashion.

It is surprising to learn then, that in late January of this year, the country’s capital, Islamabad, played host to Pakistan’s first fashion week; held in one of the city’s rare five-star hotels where the basement is ironically also used as a bomb-shelter. The heavily guarded event had over 90 models and an ‘eclectic talent pool’.

A far cry from similar Western events often hailed by critics as superficial and one-dimensional, Pakistan unexpectedly chose to use fashion to boost their struggling economy and improve the overall image of the country." (contd. p. 33)

To read more, pick up Issue Four of the magazine from November 4.


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