There are literally thousands of fashion blogs on the internet of all different standards; from your run-of-the-mill blog from a fashion-obsessive’s bedroom, to those which receive millions of hits per week.  Fashion blogs are unique; different from models in magazines and on catwalks, real people on the street are their centrepiece.

Bloggers often state that they set up their blog as a way of connecting to the fashion-conscious reader in a far more personal way than they feel is possible through the writings of a magazine column or feature.

But what use do these blogs have in a fashion follower’s life?  Sometimes they may lack content and seem more of a gallery of images rather than containing any trend-conscious news.  However, despite this, they still manage to portray how fashion is followed around the world and serve as an additional medium through which fashion trends worldwide can be brought to the masses.

Jak & Jil – Style’s rating: 4/5

Tommy Ton, whom The Telegraph called ‘fashion’s favourite photo blogger’, is the mastermind behind Jak & Jil, a photo-focused blog.  Monochrome writing juxtaposed with vivid and beautiful images makes for powerful viewing.

What is not going to be gained from this blog are explicit trend details or news about the latest celebrity spotted wearing a certain brand. However, what is shown are how the trends are reworked on the streets of the fashion cities of the world, particularly before and after major shows and also amazing photos from the fashion shows themselves.

 Jak & Jil’s recent focus has been on New York in advance of SS12 shows.  Like many of the most successful blogs, Street Style is at its core – the focus is rarely on a whole person but a component of their outfit that stands out; a patterned bag or unusual shoes.

There is no danger of getting lost in this blog; it is free from adverts and has a polished and uncomplicated finish which is aesthetically pleasing. The clarity with which it is maintained is useful and groups of photos under one header – take the topical New York Fashion Week as an example – can be found easily and without hassle.

Overall, this is not the place to go to find paragraphs of fashion trend news, but for amazing photography from around the world look no further than this.

The Satorialist – Style Rating 5/5

This blog – highly regarded by the upper echelons of the fashion world – is the creation of Scott Schuman.  Schuman documents his visits around the world with photographs of those who are fashion-forward and those who just have a quirky sense of style whether on trend or not.  Combined with his phenomenal images of worldwide haute-couture shows, a wholly interesting blog is created. 

The main focus is how trends are adapted on the streets around the world, linking street style to that found on catwalks.  Trends are a major focus here; up-to-date cover of catwalk shows is key and Schuman then goes onto the streets of the cities in the weeks building up to the shows to see what’s being worn ‘On the street’ – which just so happens to be the name of the feature to which the majority of posts are dedicated.

The most recent posts have concerned Japan’s street style and how the city’s youth have been reworking the traditional Japanese kimono, working alongside Schuman’s obviously deep interest in the people of a particular country and how they dress.

The design of this blog is very sophisticated; Schuman’s eye for style is shown in the sleek, effortless design.  Simple pictures and simple text yet such a complex outcome makes this a feast for the eyes. 

On Schuman’s biography section he states that he ‘began The Sartorialist’ with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life’ and it is undeniable that he has succeeded in this.

Garance Doré – Style Rating 4/5

The only blog in this feature whose creator hails from the streets of the wonderful fashion city that is Paris, is also the only blog written in a chatty and informal way.  Perhaps this is the most endearing and entertaining because wit draws readers in, and it feels like reading a conversation with a friend.

Different from some of the other blogs, fashion news is mentioned, discussed and ridiculed.  Doré is particularly scathing in her immediate distaste for Louboutins after Kim Kardashian wore them , throwing up the debate of designer labels losing their classy edge when not-so-classy individuals, to be polite, wear them.

One of the most recent posts concerns the YSL-Louboutin fashion debate about the use of red soles by both parties which is a story that is sure to be continuing for a while.

Monochrome appears to be a law in the fashion blog world; again here the simplicity of the text contrasts with the beautiful images and also Doré’s illustrations (she began her career as an illustrator before saying that she ‘wanted to do something a little more free, more spontaneous’ and turned to blogging).  Due to its informal nature, this is the blog which is brimming with warmth and it really draws the reader in.

New York Fashion – Style Rating 3/5

Simplicity is not the key in this blog.  Adverts surround the articles which make it far less user-friendly than others.  However, once the adverts and pop-ups have been sifted through, the content – updated several times a day – is actually very interesting and there is far more content than any of the other blogs discussed here.

There are full-length articles on a wide range of subjects – rather than just photographs – and the target audience is widened because of this; there’s something for everyone.  For the fans of celebrities – both a-list and not – there is a lot of information about them and what they’re wearing. 

Madonna seems to be a current love of the blog; two posts in two days are dedicated to the once queen of pop.  Fortunately, it is not lost to celebrity, and there are daily features on upcoming catwalk shows, so those not interested in a Kardashian’s latest shoe purchase also have something to read.

In the build-up to fashion shows coming this September, a recap of last autumn’s shows is discussed with predictions for what will grace the catwalks of the Big Apple this time round.  Unfortunately, to find these gems an awful lot of sifting must be done all whilst being bombarded with PowerPlate session offers and pop-out Burberry videos springing up unannounced.  If it were not for the adverts, this would be an excellent blog as the content is all there waiting to be discovered.

Facehunter – Style’s rating: 4/5

Last but not least is Facehunter.  Again a minimalist blog but the photography is second to none.  It is this which has catapulted creator Yvan Rodic to global recognition.  Through the blog, Rodic is able to document his travels around the world following fashion shows – he seems to be in a new city on a weekly basis – and, once in the city, he gets out and about on the streets and focuses on what people are wearing and how they have taken the trends and made them their own.

Similar to Jak & Jil, this blog focuses on street style of the people of a featured city.  Most recently, the focus has been on the cities of New Zealand during NZ Fashion Week.  There is nothing complicated about this blog and the photography featured here is impeccable and amazing.  The distances to which the blogger travels is further than the others; he is in a different city weekly and manages to focus on nearly all fashion shows.

It is interesting to wonder whether, without blogs, some smaller fashion weeks would gain documentation.  It is because of this variety perhaps that Rodic is so famed.  From his own website it can be discovered that he is ‘widely considered one of the most influential movers and shakers in fashion’ and it is evident on the seamless blog why this is the case.


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