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  • Introduction to your new Student Union Executive, including some comments and predictions on their year ahead


  • Update on the accommodation turmoil for new students, including all of your stories and opinions


  • Agony Aunt returns with some advice for relationships that have felt the strain of a long summer


  • Trials and tribulations for Loughborough’s sports stars, a round-up of their summer successes


  • We tell you what’s hot and what’s not – insightful advice on the way you should be dressing around campus


  • The Loughborough Fresher Playlist for 2011 – what will you be listening to this autumn?


  • A fond farewell to the iconic Inbetweeners era


Editor’s Pick:


‘Google -’

In view of the recent launch of their new social networking site, Culture Editor, Broderick Sutherland questions the originality of the brand's extensions.

Google is possibly the most celebrated and the most recognised search engine on the web. Its extensions have gone far beyond the simple search engine, moving into news content, videos, mapping, phones and now social networking.

Its recent addition to the Google brand, Google+, aims to take on Facebook and become the new giant of social networking. Despite only having a ‘limited field trial’ at the moment, knowing Google, this new social networking site is set to become massive.

However, some technology critics are now saying that the brand is unoriginal in coming up with new ideas, and it’s hard to argue against them. After taking a tour of the ‘Google+ project’, as they like to call it, the critique seems right in the sense that it matches Facebook, but hardly adds anything to it.  

(contd. p.27)


To read more, pick up Issue One of the magazine from September 27.


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