Everyone, by now, must have seen the Shoreditch-inspired d***head viral. If not, there is only an impending certainty that their leader Alex Zane will endorse it to you on rude tube; irony itself.

Yes, the d***head viral was a stroke of comedic genius and aptly satirised those caricatures that wander around wearing thigh high knitted socks in summer with their new Macbook at the ready just in case you, by some mysterious force of nature, have a pressing need to hear their new demo.

Unfortunately, as aforementioned, the viral was to satirise a certain group in society but what seems to have occurred in the backlash is a distressing bleeding over into the public consciousness that this style of dress, pretentious attitude and social know-it-all-ness is actually some sort of deity.

Perhaps pilgrimages of followers will flock to Goldsmiths and sacrifice their by-gone velour trousers on the steps of the University as a sign of their allegiance.

It is time that they realised that what pertains to the Shoreditch standard is only negative and laughable – hence the incredible and worthy depiction of it on the internet.

The crude bleed-over has also fuelled a new culture, those who tweet song lyrics with a heart emoticon and check-in on their iphones when they are at the vintage shop, wherever that is because it seems that it is a singular yet mass entity, a Mecca to which the newly emerging group flock, just in case you hadn’t grasped how super-awesome-wicked-cool they really are yet.

It seems pop culture is horrendously overwrought with those who are pseudo-stylised, Peaches Geldof as the torch bearer at the front of the pack leading her elf-shoe clad, pair-of-empty-frames wearing minions.

Peaches Geldof being proof enough that with your daddy’s name in tow, a ‘f**k-you’ attitude and mediocre late-night talk show (and not forgetting the fiscal solvency) that you can be socially apathetic and completely non-consequential simultaneously.

Unfortunately it seems to be snowballing; Mark Ronson is the latest to be ensnared and appears to be taking his d***head-dom roots from Simon LeBon from Duran Duran but with a silted Anglo-American accent and a lot more trumpets.

D***head certainly is trending.



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