Label are covering the one day event for the IMS Athletics live from the HiPAC where all the halls will be competing for a load of important IMS points.

The weather has held up so far and the heat is rising on and off the track so keep your eyes refreshed to this page throughout proceedings to stay up to date with who is winning what.

We will try our very best to keep you up to the minute with text commentary on all the races throughout the evening. 

If you want to get in touch you can through a number of ways, via the twitter hashtag #imsathletics, or you can follow reporters Ed White, Andrew Lawton and Jago Pearson or on the Label Online page. You can also send your thoughts via emailto or comment on this page underneath.

20:01 Bill Mo win it, its a big win with Bakewell into second after a flying final lap from their anchor. That concludes proceedings. Cayley look to have won the Men's event overall and Faraday the Women's.

20:00 Telford take the early lead but when there best runner hands over the baton they are caught by Elvyn very quickly after. Bill Mo are now taking a commanding lead going into the final leg. What a way to get over from the disappointment of getting DQ'd from the 100m.

19:57 Confirmed. BILL MO ARE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE WOMEN'S 100M. Meaning the race victory goes to Butler Court.

19:55 One track event to go, the Women's 4 x 400m

19:50 This 4x400m is a tight one at the moment. Cayley lead into the third leg. And into the final leg… Cayley look to be holding them off and they have done it. A fantastic team performance.

19:46 Slight rumours in the control room of a little bit of cheating from one of the halls. More to be confirmed later

19:44 The crowd, while still being in existence, is starting to get a bit sparse with only one event to go. My favourite, the 4 x 400m. If you were reading earlier it took a while. The final however, should be a better standard.

19:41 Bill Mo win it with Butler in second. Another one of those red flags have been placed in the are at the changeover between second and third. Rumour is, it was for Rutherford so the result at the top should stand.

19:40 Bill Mo and Butler looking good at halfway

19:39 The women are up now. Same rules apply, get round safely!

19:36 DC take it… but under controbversy there is a red flag somewhere on the track. Who was that for?

19:34 It's all about getting the baton round safely. You just need to ask Royce about how important that is.

19:29 You have to love a good performance. That was as dominant as Paula Radcliffe before the Athens Olympic toilet disaster. Anyhow, before I go any further and get into trouble. It's the time for the 4x100m final.

19:28 Lost for words is a slight over-exaggeration

19:26 Unbelievable, Jo Hickman-Dunne from Bill Mo has thrashed the field, absolutely abliterated them. I think three athletes were lapped in that one. I'm lost for words… one of the performances of the day for sure.

19:24 We could have our first lapping of the day… BOOM!

19:22 Bill Mo have taken a commanding lead in this event after the first lap. The athlete looks an acustomed middle distance runner. "A great technique " is the comment from Loughborough Men's Cross Country captain Ben Snowball.

19:21 And the girls are off…

19:19 It has to be said, we could not have asked for better weather for the event. The sun has shone throughout. I bet the women about to start the 1500m wished it wasn't so prevelent though.

19:16 Plenty of hall media photographers out and about so expect plenty of photos on Facebook later. The women make their way over to the start line for the 1500m final.

19:14 Butler and Cayley are well ahead after lap one. Still plenty of vocal support on the bank. Cayley hold on for victory.

19:12 The 1500m men's final is underway, 3 and a half laps in this one remember.

19:10 Overall, Faraday women are a long way ahead. In the men's Faraday and Rutherford are both on 28 points – these last few races could make all the difference.

19:08 It's been said before that there's a great view from the control box, and not just of events on the track.

19:05 A quick thank you to all those getting involved on Twitter. Here's the women's 400m final then. And Telford takes the gold ahead of Faraday. Having said that I don't think I've seen a medal ceremony yet.

19:02 Roberto storms to a 400m win for Faraday in the men's event. That looked very quick from the box, we'll be looking out for the time on that one.

19:01 The events still to come are 400m finals, 1500n finals, 4×100 and 4x400m. Here's the 400m men's final.

18:59 Is it safe to assume that it'll be a very busy FND tonight? Plenty of pre-drinks on the bank it would seem.

18:56 The women take their marks for the women's 100m final. And that's very tight between Faraday and Butler! Butler just clinch it, another very tight finish as we begin to reach the business end of today's proceedings.

18:54 Rutherford's Jordan Richards (possibly) takes victory in a tense 100m final. Race of the afternoon so far I'd say.

18:52 This is the one people have been waiting for. 10.5 seconds was the time recorded earlier in the day, will we have a repeat in the Men's 100m Final.

18:48 Slight pause here as we wait for the next event. Signs of a bit of cloud cover just creating a bit of hazy sunshine as the men goes down for the men's 100m final.

18:46 800m results, Elyvn just pips Faraday in the 800m women's final.

18:44 It's very tight at the front after the first lap of this Women's 800m final.

18:42 Will there be a few tired legs ahead of the upcoming races? We're heading into the stage where some competitors will be starting their 2nd or even 3rd race of the afternoon.

18:41 Women's 800m is up next. The bank is still pretty full at the Hipac, great to see such a good turn out for the IMS Athletics.

18:39 All over. Faraday's Chris Precey with a superb sprint finish. Fair play to the lad in jeans who didn't finish last and wasted no time in finding some cider to quench his thirst

18:36 Jeans and tshirt…interesting attire for the second 800m heat. Some suggestions in the box that some guys may not be watching much action on the track. Can't think why.

18:31 It's a very close finish in the men's 800m…. the front three very difficult to seperate.

@LawtonAJ on Twitter "requests for an ice cream van at next year's IMS athletics"

18:30 Will the hot weather take its toll here as the 800m gets off to a very fast start. David Collett lead after the first lap.

18:26 Next on track is the 800m. One of those events that you expect some cramp at the end.

18:24 There is not going to be a team lapped! Rutherford onto their final leg before Bill Mo finish the course literally miles ahead of the rest. Bakewell should be very happy with second. Their athlete on the anchor leg must of pulled back a good 100m there.

18:21 Bill Mo's runner is down at the end of the first leg. Stay with us, there will be an end to this race. The one thing I would love to see is a lapping. It could happen here. Rutherford are under such pressure here in last place.

18:18 Time for the second equivalent Test Match of the IMS Athletics. It could last 5 days

18:16 A clear indication the Cayley third leg only ran 380 meters there, using the full distance of the box. Unlucky for the last leg lass who has to run extra only to come home last. Faraday pulled it back amazingly well in the final lap, a stunning performance from their anchor runner. DC also qualify for the final alongside Butler Court.

18:13 Faraday lead from DC at the half way point. Faraday is immediately over-taken into leg 3… I said it would be a while… DC take back the lead, one lap to go

18:12 Heat 1 starts and I'm not sure it will finish for a while.

18:11 Looking at the competitiors it is clear some are fitter than others for this one. Some have come in fully professional outfits for this event. Is it a ploy to make them look like they are going faster than they are?

18:10 So we move on, 4 x 400m Women's…

18:07 Telford runner out in front but hits the wall in the last hundred metres. Towers take the win while Telford fail to qualify – the baton is thrown to the ground in disgust!

18:06 Drama on the last leg

18:05 Paterson collapses on the finish line as he completes the third leg, Faraday back in fourth.

18:00 The second heat sees our very own AU President, Ewan Paterson, competing for Faraday. High pressure situation for the young man as the crowds continue to swell on the bank.

17:57 Elvyn Richards pip Cayley to first place in the Heat 1 of the Mens 4×400. Falk Egg and Royce also qualify for the final.

17:48: The Holt, pre-event outsiders, came up the rear by a fair distance in that second Womens 4×100 heat with former International Softball player (debatable form I know) and Sports Sec Beccy Oldham looking dejected as she crossed the line, while Butler Court romped home in a time which smashes the IMS record by 3 seconds.

17:43 Bill Mo, Cayley and Rutherford the other teams to book their place in the final.

17:42 Women's 4×100 now and Faraday take another easy victory in Heat 1.

17:40 The times have come through from the Women’s 400m. The star was from Heat 3 and Telford in a fantastic time of 64.8 seconds. She will be challenged greatly in the final by Faraday’s top one-lap expert in 66.9 seconds. The final heat, which I said was leisurely, in fact, was pedestrian finishing in a time of 74.1 seconds. In fact, I think my grandma has a better Season’s Best than that.

17:37 And Cayley take the second heat after Royce drop the baton at the final changeover.

17:31 As Andrew Lawton makes his way out of the Control Centre to 'soak up the atmosphere', the Mens 4×100 relay gets underway. David Collett takes the first heat, with Faraday in second.

17:26 We will see the winners again later so we won't give them too much coverage now. 4 x 100m's now and in the first heat future AU President Adam Rae is lining up for Faraday.

17:21 It has to be said, the 400m Women's races have been quite leisurely paced. Great performances but I dont think I would be pushing to come in the top two. The prospect of running another race in this sun is not the best one. Heat C is won by Elvyn, Heat D starts in a poor fashion as one of the competitors has to be ushered to where the start line is as she is stood 20m away from her area. Royce win it and move to the final.

17:16 Results from the Women's Shot Putt, the winner is Hariette Mills from Rutherford launching the putt 9.11 meters. In second, England Netballer and representing Telford Jo Harten (8.96m) and in third Naomi Henry from Butler (8.83m).

17:14 Faraday take the first of the heats. A great showing and a distant winner. To be honest, the competition wasn't the strongest when you consider a fancy dressed Rabbit came… last!

17:12 Now time for the Women's 400m, lets see who has been doing the extra hours in Powerbase and who has wasted lots of money by not turning up at LUFFs.

17:08 The fourth heat is nothing but a battle. A stunning victory from the very difficult lane 8 by Royce but the distance was just too far for one athlete wearing the Elvyn top for the last time. With just five metres to the line he collapses and surely faces a disqualification after entering three different lanes in his search to get back on his feet.

17:06 And he is taken, on the line by Mark O'Connell of Cayley. Phenomenal scenes much like as the HiPac commentator resights the Christine Ohuruogu back in Beijing 2008.

17:05 There is a huge turnout on the HiPac Hill today. It's great to see all who are basking in the Loughborough sun. Towers take an early lead into the final 300m of heat three. Can he hold on, he's slowing up…

17:02 Heat 2 of the 400m is won by Cayley's Andrew Cairns defies the lactic fleshhold that this event provides. Another quite stunning showing.

16:56 WOW! That was spectactular. The first race in the 400m is won in uber-impressive style with the Faraday Rag Rep storming through the field. If he was a horse, the commentary would say won at a canter. Through to the final and will be an early favourite.

16:53 Chris Lloyd has had two shout outs over the PA already, mainly due to his lack of tshirt. Mens 400m up next.

16:52 The final heat for the women's 100m is over, won by Falk Egg

1650 on twitter comments "One early favourite for 100m Mens title! Rigg-Rut's own Usain Bolt winning in 10.5s"

16:49 Must be said we have a great view from the control box here, sitting right in line with the finish line,

16:46 Butler take the heat B, Rigg Rut take heat C.

16:43 Faraday take the first women's 100m heat.

16:42 Bright sunny day here at the Loughborough Hipac – great news for the runners and spectators, maybe not the 1500m though.

16:41 Next up are the 4 women's 100m heats

16:39 Rutherford win the final men's 100m heat in 11.28 closely followed by Towers.

16:32 Rigg Rut win the first men's 100m heat in a new IMS record of 10.5 seconds. Unbelievable scenes to start the day!, Rutherford take the 2nd in 10.87, the "train from Royce" has taken the 3rd heat in 11.12like a bulldozer in a V8 engine.

16:31 The first races of the day will be 100m Heats.


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