Experience the World week played host to a special new inter-hall event that saw each of Loughborough’s halls compete in a range of cultural challenges.

From hot-dog eating to sumo wrestling, with some wife-carrying and a specialist talent show inbetween, the event required team work and some creative flair to become champions.

With 15 halls competing, the activity on campus increased considerably from 3:30pm onwards, much to the bewilderment of some of the prospectus open day students, as teams raced to complete each station in the quickest time.

A particular highlight came from the human pyramid challenge on fountain court although the entertainment from seeing competitors struggle to eat five cold hotdogs is hard to contend with.

The semi-final of the Paralympic sitting volleyball saw Royce overcome Butler Court (who deserve extra praise for raising over £100 during the afternoon for the Japanese flood appeal) to join the Holt in the final.

In a tense basketball themed showdown it was Royce who held on to become the first ever Lufbra Games champions.

Matt Beedle part of the organising team for the games said afterwards: “I think the Lufbra Games has turned out to be one of our biggest ever events for the Global development committee.

“We had an overwhelming response from halls and there seems no reason the event could be made a lot bigger next year.

“It wouldn't be possible without a huge amount of work done by sports volunteers and Katie Haliday and all the guys from the GDC”


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