SocFed Presidential candidate, Katie ‘Wonderland’ Russell, has admitted she is looking forward to hearing the results of the election.

The candidate also spoke about how she has been dealing with maintaining her busy schedule whilst running a campaign.

Russell told Label: “I’m really intrigued as to how the elections will turn out”

She also informed us that she has “much admiration for the other contestants” and has “grown close to them during the campaign.”

So far, Katie believes that her campaign is going very well and she has been able to meet “lots of people along the way”.

Even though Katie is busy campaigning, she is still keeping up with her busy work schedule. Russell insists: “I’m attending all of my lectures.”

Russell, who is running to be SocFed President against ‘Bruce Lee’ Adams and Jason Painter, was keen to stress the experience she has had within the Societies Federation.

She stated: “I have been part of various societies including fever, belly dancing society and rock soc. I also know people from other societies including the pole dancing society.” 

When talking about her love for Loughborough, Russell added: “it is a bubble consisting of many people from various backgrounds, with lots of different interests.”


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