One for the Weekend: Man sells air in jars.


Has the world gone mad? Yes. We only need to look at Brexit and the recent US Presidential Election to realise that. However, one British expat is adding to the madness. Switzerland based John Green, who originally comes from Tunbridge Wells, has just launched his own business selling fresh mountain air in a jar. Not only is the guy selling air, he is charging an extortionate £200 per 3 litres.

John believes his main clientele will be wealthy individuals who live in smog-filled cities, and are in desperate need of a breath of fresh air. He is planning on shipping his air jars to polluted places such as China. Worried that you might be being ripped off? Don’t worry, every order is accompanied by a letter of authentication, claiming that John really did travel up a mountain to obtain the freshest air possible, and didn’t just collect it from a car park.

John believes his jars may be multipurpose, claiming: “you don’t have to open it. You can just keep it as a collector’s item or to remind you of the good life and open at a later date or celebration.” John also mentions the airs other magical selling point: it has zero calories. John has yet to have any orders of his special mountain air, but is confident he’s on to a winner. Would you spend £200 on air? Let us know in the comments, and for more weird, interesting or humorous stories, head to the Label website and check out ‘One for the Weekend’!


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