Student Struggles: Thin Walls of Loughborough


Thin Wall Fever much like Cabin Fever can leave you irritated, annoyed and craving the comfort of a studio appartment for one. Having lived in both halls and a house in town it is safe to say the I have found the student homes of Loughborough to suffer from thin wall fever.

From living in halls with a rather ‘wild’ housemate who enjoyed attempting procreation living directly on top of me (there are some things a person never needs to hear) to living in a house with my room being next to one of the loudest snorers I have ever known; I have reached the conclusion that thin walls are just an occupational hazard of the student experience, at least until I am willing to fork out on a house with solid, sound proof walls.

Thin wall fever is a huge annoyance, especially when you don’t start most days until 11 but can still hear your housemates having a good ol’ chinwag in the kitchen over a brew before their 9am interupting your once tranquil snooze and ultimately stripping you of an extra hour’s sleep because once you’re awake there really is no going back despite how much you might want to.

Nothing you say is private

From hearing the kissing noises of my hStudent Struggs - thin wallsousemate and her boy friend making out in the kitchen (a sacred place where I like to prepare food – this action and these noises are not appreciated, please stop doing this if you’re reading this), or the rolling sound of a wheely chair going back and forth, walking across the floor, sneezing, coughing, yawning, the constant sound of something falling on the floor, when someone moves in their bed, the opening and closing of kitchen cabinets to hearing my other flatmate fall off her chair, I have heard it all, even when my housemates think I haven’t. It’s not all bad, I must admit hearing one of my housemates have a tantrum over losing a game on his Playstation is quite entertaining.

The oh so sweet sound of hearing a beloved housemate chunder in the early hours of the morning

In this instance I am both disturbed, incredidbly uncomfortable with a hint of concern, but I would much rather my flatmate chundered in the comfort of knowing I do not have to fall asleep to the sound of her dry heaving and hurling.

There is nothing therapeutic about the low grumbling murmur of snoring 

My number one pet peeve in life: Snoring. I understand that the individual who is snoring has no control over this involuntary response, but that doesn’t make the fact that I can hear it through paper thin walls any more bearable.

If you’re living in halls or in a new house and too have found out that the walls in your home are incredibly thin fell free to tweet @LabelOnline and let us know how the struggle of thin walls is affecting your student life.

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