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As the new Loughborough University logo was released on Thursday April 23rd, it appeared that many students disliked the concept of it being changed at all. Label chatted to a few students who were willing to share their opinions:11008079_820984694637853_4415406456053346403_n

“The rebrand isn’t just a logo, it’s a directional change for the University towards a modern, digitally focused organisation trying to separate them from establishment Universities”. Dan Leedham 4th year Aeronautical Engineering Student. 

Many changes are laughed at and are criticised… So was it with advancements in medicine (Operations help people?!), the earth in the universe (We are not the centre?!), voice transmission via electricity will never be popular (We call it Telephone today). And their are scientific developments which we can prove correct today. When I think about developments in arts, Fine Art, Music (Rock’n’Roll. God, that is crap, nobody will like it!), then you might recognise that we humans like to stay with the things we know. Sure, the logo is a change and might not appeal to everybody; it might look childish and round text font in a round logo are completely against design rules but who knows. Give it a chance; change is very often good. Let’s hope this one is too…
And Lboro Uni is not a logo but the news we make, for example winning the best uni award, BUCS, Lads culture and all that stuff. That is what people know and care about, not the shape and colour of the logo.” Till Sieberth, PhD Student.

Others were not so accommodating…

“I feel like the new design is so basic and childlike. Any Loughborough student would have proudly recognised the former logo anywhere, but now I feel a little alienated when confronted with their new look…” Alice Priestley, 2nd Year English Student. 

“I think the main concern shouldn’t be ‘does it look good?’, but more, ‘Why weren’t the students asked for their opinion?” Alex Jones, 2nd Year English Student.

“It genuinely looks like the logo for playmobil or play doh. It has no sophistication or elegance what so ever…” unnamed 2nd Year Communications and Media Student. Loughborough University logo_2_compressed

“The symmetrical nature of the new logo draws the viewer into the center of the octagon effectively leaving the “Loughborough University” out of it completely and a quick scan would simply put “LU” in the viewer’s mind. Right now these two letters mean nothing to anyone in the professional world meaning anyone currently at Loughborough or any alumni will be harmed at any sort of interview or showing where this logo will be shown. The magenta colour has less association with Loughborough. If you were to ask someone what colour would they associate with us, they would most likely say purple or African Violet. The only showing of this colour on the logo is in the type which as explained earlier is missed in a short scan. The Sans typeface is incredibly unprofessional and is wildly hated in the design industry. It is a childish font and shows immaturity and lack of intelligence. The only benefit of this typeface is that it’s easy to read. The current logo draws the eye of the reader to the shield first. This is an iconic image and one that is wildly known and treasured by Loughborough students and is greatly helped by being majorly African Violet. The “L” in the top right corner and the magenta square nicely transfers the viewer’s eye onto the name. The name is again in same iconic colour and in a typeface which is easy to read and respectable. In my opinion the new logo will only help to decrease the amount of prospective students for many of our courses. It makes us look like an arts university not a university known for it’s high standard of sport and engineering.” Ryan Andrews, 2nd Year Aeronautical Engineering Student.

A petition has now been started in true Loughborough spirit, already having gained over 6000 signatures. Students are clearly unhappy with the new release, the original and well- known branding being updated for its modern counterpart. With various “alternative” designs flying around on social media and Label Illustration launching a Rebranding competition, what remains to be seen is if Loughborough Uni will bite and switch back to the logo we all know and love, or if they stick with the new pink octagonal version…

Image designed by Lewis Allum


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  1. Dan Leedham on

    For clarification, I hate the new logo as much as anyone and was simply highlighting the fact the thought behind the de-brand is important too. A shame the University have decided to ignore the majority of the background they present.

    The ’96 shield is where it’s at.

  2. The thing that annoys me most is that the actual stakeholder in the university (its students, Alumni and Lecturers) were not consulted about this, a rebrand is always welcome, but you do not change the fundamental DNA of the institution, a brand identity takes years to build. By changing the logo the entire history of the university has been destroyed, it is a sad state of affairs when I don’t even recognise my own institution and feel glad that I graduated before the identity changed so I don’t have that abomination on my degree certificate.
    I implore the chancellor to reinstate the shield before the reputation is completely destroyed.

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  4. Clearly the response to the poll on this article along with the 8,400 signatures on the petition proves that this was a bad move.

    The only people who have a nice word to say about it are the two people in this article who work for LSU Media. Biased opinion much?

    All the reasons provided about it being a digital move and how the current shield is not customisable are invalid. It doesn’t change the fact that the pink blob is horrific and inappropriate for our University.

    Simple solution Loughborough, no one likes it, you haven’t spent any money on it, so change it back.

  5. Wow, the visual of the logo on the sign is just so ugly. This new logo is such a departure from the existing and misses the mark in so many ways. The pink logo is exactly what the graphic design students learn not to do, it’s just so wrong. Personally I like some of the updates I see on the website with the new look and how things are organized but the logo is not one of them, it’s just terrible. This isn’t something that will pass with time as people get used to it. It’s bad, change it.

    Reminds me of this story…

  6. Katie Barber on

    ‘And Lboro Uni is not a logo but the news we make… That is what people know and care about, not the shape and colour of the logo’.

    If you truly believe this is the case, why spend a bunch of money that could be put towards more important things on this rebranding? Why change a logo that gets apparently ignored anyway?

    Further thoughts:
    The new logo is too childish for what is supposed to be a respected university. This place teaches adults, not primary schoolers.
    The logo relies too much on existing knowledge, which I don’t believe is the point of a logo. Logos should at least be SOMEwhat informative about who they describe, which this simple initialing for an establishment known by its full name does not do. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this uni being referred to entirely by initials. It’s always ‘luffbra uni’, not ‘LU’. Threw me for a loop, that.

    And now, looking at the new logo and comparing it with the LSU logo…The way I see it, the old and somewhat professional logo represents the uni as a whole, including the colour purple. There are dashes of pink in general ‘this is loughborough uni’ branding, but the balance is nice, considering that pink stands for LSU here. This is probably just my paranoia, but the new logo looks for all the world like LSU is trying to desperately–and unnecessarily–say ‘we’re still relevant!’ Or a possible takeover. Like I said, probably just my paranoia, but…

    There is change for the better and then there is change for change’s sake. The former is good, the latter bad. This change is the latter.

  7. “God, that is crap, nobody will like it!” yes, absolutely! It’s no problem to change into something new, we all like changes, but with something better please!!! and it’s not ” might not appeal to everybody” , go check the vote, 96.83% prefer the old one! I just showed this “new logo” to my friends in Other Uni, and you know what they said? “is that a logo?” and start lol …so, what should I reply?

  8. Till Sieberth, as someone studying for a P.hD you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Putting aside the litany of spelling, grammar and syntax errors in your quote, you should know that your “people used to think the earth was the centre of the universe” argument is the domain of new age therapists, conspiracy theorists and other nutters.

  9. the new ‘logo’ is absolutely hideous, whoever made the executive decision of changing the logo to that should be fired because they clearly don’t know what they’re doing.

  10. Akshay Shah on

    How come the 2 comments backing up the new logo are both active members of LSU Media? One is even on the Media committee if my sources are true. Also what will it take for this comment to be displayed on the website?

  11. I like how three of the people who gave their opinions, I instantly recognise as being associated to lsu media. That won’t be biased at all! Some are even on the lsu media Senate committee!

  12. I like how three of the people who gave their opinions, I instantly recognise as being associated to lsu media. That won’t be biased at all! Some are even on the committee!

  13. Conor Lichfield on

    There was no thought that went into this new logo. Look at the company that did it. They use a single colour circle with two letters inside as their logo, and they gave us a single colour octagon with two letters in.

    What was the design brief? I assume it was simply “make us a logo”. Where’s the African violet? Where’s the shield? Why the childish almost comic sans font?

    Most importantly of all, what the heck was wrong with the old logo? Simple block shape with two colours and a professional looking serif font.

    This was change for changes sake, and it’s terrible.

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