Petition started against Reckless

Edward Reckless -Next years elected Union President

Edward Reckless -Next years elected Union President

Ed Reckless, our newly elected Loughborough Students’ Union President has had a petition started against him taking the role.

It became common knowledge over elections that Reckless had received a lengthy union ban over an alleged attack, of which he took his ban and apologised to everyone involved. Reckless was confronted on several occasions over the ban and his actions, to which he responded professionally each time.

The petition clearly highlights Reckless’ previous actions, aiming to use this as fuel for the petition. Reckless received over 3000 votes in the election, winning in the second round of voting; RON receiving just over 1000 votes; clearly showing that student voters at the time felt confident in Reckless.

Despite being unable to campaign on union nights out during campaigning, Reckless still had an impact upon voters and proved to over 3000 voters that he was indeed the man for the job. It is not yet known whether the Students’ Union will take this petition on board or not; which currently stands at over 200 signatures.


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  1. Dan,

    You’re correct in part, Loughborough Students have had their say.

    However, it would be naive to think that every single one of those voters were fully informed. The highest RON vote in years would indicate that actually students weren’t happy with Ed being elected.

    Someone does not have to stand against a candidate for their opinion to be valid.

    Rapists, Sex offenders, Pedophiles, murderers… all may have done their time and served their punishment but that still doesn’t make it ok for them to be seen as a role model.
    Ched Evans is a recent example of this ( but that’s a totally different matter).

    The point stands then of why Ed was allowed to run at all? Surely someone from the current exec should have stepped in – or even the university?

    What is the criteria for ratifying a candidate and allowing them to run? Can and should union council block the appointment?

    If students at Loughborough allow this behaviour to be validated and not only that but promoted by rewarding it with the most senior position at the students union then it is a very dark day for democracy, for gender equality and for the university.

    Your sincere and ever present alternative to assault,

    (I’m purposefully using hyperbolic and extreme cases to make a point – I’m not comparing the actions of Ed Reckless with any of the above persons or crimes or implying that they are of the same severity or magnitude).

  2. Good to see some balanced media coverage…

    ‘alleged attack’ – It is has been confirmed by him and the victim

    “The petition clearly highlights Reckless’ previous actions, aiming to use this as fuel for the petition” – of course it does. That’s the whole point of the petition!

    Stop trying to secure your media budget for next year by kissing his arse.

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