Loughborough University has recently been accredited with the top place in The Telegraph’s recent analysis of the ‘Top 10 universities for quality of student life’.

Having moved up from 2nd place in 2013, Loughborough have beaten universities such as Oxford and Cambridge to reach the top spot. Durham were top in 2013, and have since dropped to third place.

With a 90% student satisfaction rate, Loughborough have higher than the average of 86%. Although the University of Bath received 93% in this category, the various sections that The Telegraph look at work together to come out with the overall satisfaction and the quality of student life.

With Loughborough offering one of the best student experiences in the country, it’s safe to say that this boosted our rating and helped us reach first place. No doubt this is something that we can all boast to friends at other universities, having scored highly in various categories. This is something that we should inevitably feel proud of.


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