Bubble Debate 1- VP Finance and Commercial Services


On 23rd February 2015, Room One saw the first of the Exec Election Bubble Debates. The evening was hosted by Nina Blissett on stage and Dave Thompson in the crowd, talking to the panel and sharing social media interactions. Nina brought us an introduction to the evening and we were also introduced to the panel; Sarah Haar- Ex- VP Action, Axelle Savary- Butler Court Hall Chair, George Hones- former Rigg Rutt Hall Chair and Hamza Modi- involved in Action, Welfare and chair of Bakewell Hall. 

VP Finance and Commercial Services Candidates were brought on stage along with the current VP Finance, Dan Thomas.

A 30 second speech from James Bowker highlighted that he was Cayley Hall Chair, on LSU Board of trustees, he is passionate and wants to make a valuable contribution to LSU.

The 30 seconds speech from Charlie Staunton showed that he wants to work for change, he has been on societies committees and Union Affairs committees.IMG_0187

Dan Thomas asked the candidates if they have any plans for events..?

Charlie considered the main three nights out: What about Mondays and Thursdays? Everyone has a tribe and I want to cater for those academics, the quirky ones who have slightly different interests.

James: Hey Ewe needs addressing. I want to look at AU clubs and put in a system of rewards in the union for sporting results, put on socials and use TVs to show scores from the day.

Dave with the panel: Axelle- how are you planning to increase profits through platinum?

James: I would scrap platinum and just have one option. We’re too pushed to sell extra at the start of year and so no one knows what to buy. Just offer one and market it well through committees.

Charlie: I want to implement a venue forum and here we can suggest how to change loyalty schemes.

Hamza: what’s more important; profit or student experience?

Charlie: Student experience- we’re a charity. Profit should be reinvested into student life.

James: We need to maintain the best student experience for the best time.

Sarah (was talking to Zak Evans, ex VP Finance): How do you as candidates have experience for the role?

James: I was Cayley Hall Chair so I know how to spend money on freshers and nights out. I can manage a team and make sure people are well spoken to.

Charlie: I have worked on security in the union since 1st year. I know what goes on in the venue commercially. I am a drama student so I am a confident person. I have shadowed Dan Thomas and looked at the budget, so I know where things are falling down.

Both candidates were eloquent, well presented and confident in their arguments. Both appear to know they manifestos well and have fresh ideas to bring to the role. 

Who performed better for VP Finance on Bubble Debate Part 1?

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