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This is Dan's 5th year involved with LSU Media. The LSUTV Station Manager 2014-15, Dan focused on live productions and restarted LSU Live, hosted multiple live sports matches, a General Election hustings debate and was on the core team for the most audacious TV multicast ever, Big BUCS Wednesday.


  1. Exec should not be allowed to run for re-election. The point of the job is that you are able to pick it up quickly and carry on from the last exec member you are replacing, bringing new ideas to the role and building on the work. We certainly don’t need another wannabe BNOC clinging onto his status, too scared to enter the real world where nobody gives a f*** who VP Media is.

    • Hi Dorian, I don’t think you quite understand how large the media department is. There are so many volunteers that by the time you work out who’s good at what, your already 3-4 months into the job.

      The media department is in a good position right now with a clear strategy of how to progress, the last thing it needs is someone to derail that.

      If someone has done a good job in their position, why shouldn’t they be allowed to run for reelection?

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