Stuff in Luff | S1E2: Freshers


It’s back! Stuff in Luff Episode 2 is here, and we look back on the Freshers’ year so far, and the infamous Freshers’ Week.

Episode Two – Freshers

In this mockumentary series from LSUTV, Dickie travels the length and breadth of the campus enlisting the help of a variety of Loughborough experts. In this second episode, Harwell takes us right back to Freshers week, revealing the weird and wonderful traditions, and interviews Hazel Shanley about what a hall really is.


Dickie Harwell Ellie Hardwick
Executive Producer Tim McGovern
Writer Joshua Gray
Writer Ellie Hardwick
Director of Photography David Owens
Director Joshua Gray
Producer Joshua Gray
Production Company LSUTV

About Author

Joshua Gray is the LSUTV Station Manager, and is the presenter of LSU Elections coverage. He also sits on the LSU Democracy and Representation Committee.

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